Tuesday, March 03, 2009

More House Updates

As part of brush pickup we also cut down a lot of the bushes in our yard. When we moved into our house, the front yard looked like this:

This time last year we cut everything down to look like this:

Those bushes on the side? They used to be as tall as the ones right next to them.

This year we decided to cut them down more. It was amazing how much the one at the very end that we cut down to nothing last year grew in just a year. Now the front looks like this:

There are still some things that we want to do, like, grow some grass.

I also worked on cutting back our pear tree. When I discovered last year that my pear tree was not ornamental I decided to research it some. You're not supposed to cut it back a whole lot the first year so it'll be a work in progress. You're also not supposed to cut it back when it's budding, but our trees have been very confused this year. Actually not as bad as last year. The picture of the tree covered in leaves up top? That's the pear tree about 3 weeks prior to this time last year. It's called not having a winter and it being 90 degrees in February. Things start blooming pretty early. I decided to practice some settings on my camera on some of the buds. I can't wait for it to bloom because it's covered in white flowers.

When it really blooms, I'll take some more pictures.

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