Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Fence is Done!

Today John and his friend Sean finished up the fence. It's SO NICE to be done with the project. Plus some guy came by the house today and asked to take some of the old fence away so now we don't have to worry about having "large quantities of construction materials" that the city won't haul away during brush pickup. The man has MS and can't work anymore so he uses old wood like our fence to construct the outer portion these rustic beer coolers that you often see outside HEB. Pretty cool that our old fence is being recycled into something useful!

John showing off his handiwork. Please don't mind the giant hole in the knee of his pants. Or the gap in the fence behind him. That was the only post that we did have to replace. We're waiting for the concrete to set before we do the final bit of work.

The whole project was actually pretty easy. I think the biggest hassle was not having a truck to haul materials in. We ended up using my car and made almost daily trips to Home Depot. My car smells like pine still. John is threatening to hide those little pine tree air fresheners all over my car just to drive me crazy. The only other challenges were the crazy slopes and angles of the yard and having to build it on a utility easement.

We pretty much did it all by hand. John did the cutting while I held the boards to be marked for cutting, stood on them while they were cut, held them for screwing into the posts, and did a lot of hauling pickets from the garage to the backyard. I was also "nail bitch" for a good part of it (I SUCK at nailing).

We actually only put in 2 nails in each picket for the moment. We were working on a limited budget (aka our tax refund) and halfway through the project, the price of pickets went up 11 cents each. We would have LOVED to have a ton of people over to help us, rented a nail gun and knocked it out in one weekend, but we didn't have that luxury. Even if we had rented the nail gun it still would have taken us several days to complete the project and the nail gun rental would have been as much as fence materials. So for now this will hold up and we'll rent a nail gun and knock it out one weekend. We also plan on staining it in a few weeks.

For now, it's great to have a nice new fence that Riley can't escape from!


  1. The fence looks great--and it's so nice to feel like you're actually FINISHED with a project, isn't it?

  2. The fence looks GREAT John. If you still need more nails, I'll help ya the next time we come down. Our y'all could have a "nail-it" party and invite all the nailers you know to bring over their own hammer.
    (From your Father-In-Law.)


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