Monday, March 30, 2009

Dear Old Navy-Piper Lime-Gap-Banana Republic,

I love that you made one big site that you can order from. Really I do. I think it's fantastic that you can visit each store and then just checkout, pay once and have everything shipped in one package. It's an awesome, awesome thing that I wish many other stores would do. I bet when you decided to offer $7 flat rate shipping you thought that was also a genius idea. With postage rates going up every 6 months it really is a great thing, except when you're like me and only want to buy 1 item. Once I add the $7 shipping to my $15 item it's just not worth it anymore. Why can't you have tiered shipping rates until you get to 3 items or something that's heavy and then charge your $7? It's also all your fault because you refuse to carry tall items in your store. So if I really want to get my black zippered hoodie I have to buy the regular one in the store. You know that would be fine and all, but 3/4 sleeves kind of defeats the purpose of a hoodie in my book.


  1. I also to a LOT of shopping in the tall section and hate that I have to pay out the butt for shipping for something that they don't carry in the store anyway!


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