Sunday, March 22, 2009

Birthday Wine Weekend

John said that this is the last year that birthdays can be celebrated for more than one day. I laughed at him. Birthdays should be a holiday for everyone. When else do you get a day all to yourself? If your birthday falls during the middle of the week, on a Tuesday no less, you should be able to celebrate that weekend AND on your actual birthday. Plus, is it your fault if your coworkers decide to celebrate your birthday on some other day of the week that isn't your birthday, bringing your total celebration days to 3. How can you be blamed for that? They were just trying to be nice!

So to start off my birthday celebration (actually, the coworkers started on Thursday with cheesecake, followed by Virg's flowers on Friday, but I digress) we headed off to Fredericksburg to do wine tastings.

Julie and Erin joined John on I and we were off! Our first stop was Grape Creek Vineyards.

We tried several wines and had some fabulous pasta that was part of the Wine Trail Weekend that was going on.

We stopped to take a look around and then we were on our way.

Our next stop was Torre di Pietra.

Everyone had mixed reviews of the wines here. I tried one that I really liked, but it was a little out of my price range. Julie had two that she thought tasted like moldy feet. The grounds were really pretty though.

Everyone in Texas has to take pictures in the bluebonnets!

Next up was Becker Vineyards. John and I stopped here when we were in Fredericksburg last year for our anniversary and really wanted to get another bottle or two that we really liked.

On our way in we met a new friend.

John even fed her/him Julie's carrots and cantaloupe and grapes. Yeah, that's what you get for not putting up signs - do not feed the horse.

They had live music on the patio and we all sat around and tasted wines.

Joanne and Brandi met us here and got to try the wines and picnic out on the grounds with us.

John and I ended up buying their Malbec and the Riesling (thanks Joanne and Brandi for my wine present!)

After our lunch we headed over to Woodrose Winery.

We sat out on the patio and added to the sunburns we got at Becker.

Our final stop was at Pedernales Cellars where Jack and Lauren met up with us.

Everyone loved the Viognier and walked away with a bottle.

Then we headed back to Fredericksburg for dinner. We tried out one place only to find out that they were cleaned out by Spring Breakers. Who knew Fredericksburg was a Spring Break hotspot?

We ended up at Auslander.

Jack's birthday was on Friday so I let him share some of my birthday limelight.

Even Julie got to blow out a candle.

Then it was time to say goodbye and head back home. It was nice to get away for a bit - thanks everyone for coming out!


  1. Happy Birthday Weekend!

    PS- I think a weekend birthday is perfectly acceptable--my sister tries to pull a "birthday month" every year!

  2. Tell him that several days is acceptable! My husband takes a two week birthday! That is 2 weekends!


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