Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What I'm Doing

This weekend was a busy one. John and I had our normal weekend craziness with parties to attend, general chores, his sister was also visiting and we started work on the fence. We completed 2 sections and the gate. The gate was probably the biggest accomplishment. Our goal is to complete 2 sections a night so we can be done in time for brush pickup next week. Pictures from everything to come.

I also started working out with my personal trainer. I've had 2 sessions so far. The 1st one kind of kicked my ass, but not like the very 1st session. I only kind of felt like passing out for a short time at one point. I felt horrible the next day though. I went to work and sat at a desk all day which is not good for sore muscles. The next session went really well. I've discovered that I cannot balance at all on my right side and she makes me do tons of stuff standing on one foot. I basically suck at it. Especially when doing lunges. All those years of lifting trays on my left side are finally catching up to me. I also have to do a lot of stuff on the ball. Again balance is not my strong point. When I was a kid I grew over a foot one summer and I don't think I've had control of my body since then. I was not named Grace for a reason! Hopefully all of this stuff will help me out and I'll have less bruises from constantly running into things.

Tonight John and I are going to the Spurs v Mavs game. I got John 3 sets of tickets for Christmas. I had actually forgotten about them until the other night.
J: What's the date?
Me: The 22nd.
J: Oh, I thought it was the 23rd, because we have the Spurs game on the 24th.
Me: Nope. I forgot we were going to the game.
J: Well that's if I'm going to take you.
Me: That's fine. They're your tickets. You can take whoever you want.
J: Oh really!? I thought you bought them so we could go together.
Me: Nope. They're your present. You can do whatever you want with them. Although I'd be highly offended if you didn't take me.
J: See! The truth comes out!
Me: Well maybe only if you didn't invite me to the Suns game.
J: Really? You'd give up a chance to yell at Dirk?
Me: Yep. It's not that I don't like Dirk, I just think he's ugly. Steve Nash on the other hand. I freakin' hate Steve Nash.


  1. Ugh! You are at the Spurs game RIGHT NOW and I am stuck at home nursing my super sore calves (calfs? calves? Not baby cows, legs). You should see me try to walk when I've been sitting down for awhile. Now THAT'S entertainment!

    All of this to say, ditto, hate Steve Nash. Boo! Although, I think I hate Mark Cuban more...

  2. I have no balance, either. Not a bit. I think it's a tall thing....

  3. Nice work on the fence, they can be a real beast, but goals are great!

    I envy your pt time. :)

    I only have a hatred for Steve Nash.


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