Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New Desk

So the new desk project that was started sometime just after Christmas is finally finished!

What do you think?

It's actually opened up a TON of room in the office. I'm hoping that my parents will finally let me have my piano and we can put it under the window. Yeah, a piano in our office. It's also our music room in a way. Plus it's not like I actually do any work in here. The shelves are nice and pretty now, but I give it a few weeks before it becomes a catch all for my crap. I love having a laptop because I can cart it all over the house and work anywhere, as long as it's not the office. I sit in an office all day, the last thing I want to do is sit in another one when I get home. Besides, there's no TV in here!

Oh and those lights that John said I HAD TO HAVE? You know the ones that he has made a point to show to you if you've been to our house anytime in the past month? You know THESE LIGHTS???

Yeah. They're currently overheating and causing the smell of burnt plastic to spread throughout our house. I'm pretty sure they've melted the laminate off the shelves after just 20 minutes of use. Why did I leave them on for so long when I knew they were probably causing permanent damage or something? Why, to make my point that they were a bad idea! That's married life for you folks!


  1. Look at you with some bright colors and patterns!

    Very nice!

  2. Very pretty! I commend you. If I did those types of shelves, they would surely fall on me in a matter of days!

  3. Ok I might have to steal this idea. I hate desks because they're so bulky and I tend to just stuff things in there and it gets so unorganized. But that actually looks cute and functional!


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