Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I hurt all over

My appointment with the trainer was canceled on Saturday so I met with her on Monday night. Let's just say she totally kicked my ass.

We sat and talked a bit about what I wanted to accomplish then she gave me a plan to work on. It's 10 minutes of warm up on the treadmill keeping my heartrate at about 145. Then it's 30 of circuit training and then another 20 minutes on the treadmill. First 10 minutes went fine! Me at that treadmill are BFFs. Then it was time for circuit training! I started off doing 2 sets of basic planks for 20 seconds each. Then moved on to sit ups with an exercise ball. The move was similar to ones I've done with my pilates DVD. I put the ball between my legs, lift them up while doing a sit up, grab the ball with my hands and lay back down with the ball going behind my head. Then I lift back up, put the ball between my legs again and lay back down. Sounds pretty easy right? Well, repeat 15 times. Yeah. Not so easy. I got to about ten and had to start pulling my legs up so I could grab the ball while the PT lady constantly reminded me that I wasn't actually doing a sit up. It was nothing like those nice, sweet, Austrailian Pilates ladies. Just when I thought I was going to die she tells me to roll over and do planks again. Barely got through it (my 20 seconds is DEFINITELY shorter than her 20 seconds) and it was time for more ball situps. Next, we moved on to bridges. Unlike my former physical therapy guys she didn't make me do them on one leg. These were not so bad since I do those all the time in front of the TV. Then I rolled over and did what I like to call the modified butterfly stroke. Laying on your belly you lift your upper half up with your arms out in front and then pull them around to your sides keeping your thumbs up (as I was reminded to do SEVERAL times). A round of those and it was back to bridges and then more flys. At this point I had slowly started to revive myself and didn't feel like dying just yet. Then she asked me to stand up, handed me a 4lb medicine ball and told me to do 10 sets of walking lunges one way and then back. HOLY HELL! Freaking lunges are the reason I gave up the 30 Day Shred! You think my thighs would look like this if I could do a LUNGE!? I barely got through those and then it was time to do jumping squats. Yep. Exactly as it sounds. You squat and then you jump and you look like a total dork while you do it. During these I really thought I was going to die. My legs and ass were burning, my knees felt weak, I felt dizzy and really thought I was going to pass out. My lady looked at me and asked, "you're not going to throw up on me are you?" No vomit on the horizon just yet though and I sat down for a few minutes while the color came back to my face. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse she tells me to do pushups. Oh, pushups, the bane of my existance. I've never been able to do a proper pushup in my entire life, or a pullup for that matter. Remember those President Fitness things from elementry school? I always had to do something else to substitute those two so I could pass. I rocked every other portion of that test, but never pushups and pullups. Well once I was done with my weak ass girly pushups I moved on to lat rows, another easy one from my former PT days. Then it was on to some more arm exercises. I had to hold a 5lb weight out in front of me and then lift another one to the side. I got through the one side and then when it came to lift the other arm out in front of me, my arm was just not having it. Not.at.all. It absolutely REFUSED to lift that weight up. Tried and tried again and my arm was just giving me a big fat F-U. So the trainer finally gave in and took the weight out of my hand and I just got to hold my arm out while doing the lifts with the other. Yes, even that was a challenge. Then I got to hold the weights again and do wall squats with an exercise ball. Basically you just lean against the ball and roll down into a squat. My thighs have still not forgiven me. In fact I'm lucky my thighs and my abs even let me get out of bed today! Just as I began to think that I couldn't possibly go on trainer turns to me and says, "so once you're done with this then you do it all over agian." *Jaw hits floor. Hard* She laughs and says, "or you could just do more reps for each." *thighs threaten to no longer work*

She was nice though and let me skip doing it again. We sat down and discussed rates and I once more had to scrape my jaw off the floor. Poor thing is bruised I think. While I REALLY see the benefit of it and really think that I need someone to stand there so that I look like a total idiot while I do jumping squats in front of a gym full of people, it's just not feasible at this point. I'm going to try to keep doing the plan and get a bit more in shape so I don't throw up in front of all the guys lifting weights and consider it (and my budget) again.

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