Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Around 9:30 last night I'm messing around on the computer in the office and I hear this noise. At first I think it's the wind blowing on the patio covering, but it's more frequent and really loud. John comes into the room and I ask, "is it hailing?" He says he's not sure, but he's about to go find out. Sure enough, a crap load of hail falling from the sky. All I can think of is my poor car! Then one comes pounding through the patio covering - it's coming down hard! I run and grab my camera so I can share the craziness with all of you and my very special meteorologist friend Stephanie who needs to come back from Cali already!

Hole in the covering

The one that caused the damage

A bunch of hail in the flower bed up front

A big one I found in the yard

A bunch I picked up while I inspected my car. Just for Steph I added the quarter so she could gauge the size and get even more excited. Those these had already melted quite a bit and even required moving so I could have a better picture.

I "think" the cars are ok, but we'll be able to tell in the morning. John and I both got stuck in a nasty hail storm a few years ago and actually had to have the damage repaired on our cars. We also got stuck in the movie theater with the power out until it stopped hailing so we could leave. It's also the same night I almost lost one of my super fancy contacts in the theater, and I'm not sure if I ever saw the ending of whatever Mission Impossible were watching.

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  1. You could be a weather observer and all with that quarter sitting there! I was on the phone with Becky when it happened, I was running around my apartment feeling helpless knowing the hail was so far away! Thanks for the pics...made my morning! I will be back before you know it!


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