Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Conversation with John

Me: Babe, I'd really love a trainer
John: It's really expensive.
Me: I know. It's ridiculous. There's no way I'd actually get one, I just want one!
John: If you get to spend all that money then I get to spend the same amount. I'm going to have an awesome guitar amp, a new car stereo, all the video games I could possibly want....
Me: haha, in your dreams!
John: Just imagine all those celebrities out there with their very own personal trainer, their own chef...
Me: Gee, could you imagine how much money that would be just for me? Working out with a trainer 5 days a week?
John: Whatever, those guys do two a days and then have their personal chef make this wonderful, yet nutritious meal for them.
Me: Well it's their job to look good. If that was my job, I'd look good.
John: Whatever, if that was my job I'd look exactly how I look now. They'd show up and be all, "John! You're the star of the new gladiator movie and you're the only fat gladiator! What have you been doing!?" I'd tell them, "Hey, you guys paid me all this money and I've just been laying on the couch playing PS3. I thought you could photoshop me or something. Can't you just give me some kind of body suit so I look like one of those guys from 300?"

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