Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spurs vs Mavs

John and I went to the game Tuesday night and it was a lot of fun. It wasn't exactly the best game since we totally kicked their butts and sometimes, that's just a bit boring. This is the first game that we've been to since I've had my new camera. I love the zoom and was able to get some pretty good shots of the game!

David Robinson

Haha! I love to see people eat it. My college roomie and I used to people watch just to see people fall. Horrible, I know!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Feel Like Dying

Tonight was my 3rd session with my personal trainer. I swear my legs are going to give out on me. At one point I looked at her and said, "does it count if just thinking about it gives me a workout?" She laughed at me and I said, "No really. My heart rate is already up there. I don't think I need to do it." Didn't work. Still had to do the full set. Plus it seems like my previous back problems have moved from my left side to my right. During the evil evil lunges I got this shooting pain up my sciatic nerve. I get it from this point in my hip through my butt and down the middle of my thigh. Anyone that has ever experienced SI joint pain probably knows what I'm talking about. It Hurts Like Hell.

John likes to joke with everyone that I have this new boyfriend "Gym/Jim." He talks about how sometimes I don't even come home from work because I go straight to go see "Jim." How "Jim" works me so hard and I'm always sore from "Jim." I tell him if I really was having an affair I'd be a much more pleasant person when I came home from "Jim."

Stuck in my Head

I love Kanye's new album. Yes. I listen to Kanye. Who would have guessed right? His new album is all over my workout playlists along with Britney. I'm really not sure how Kanye would feel about that, but whatever gets me through my workout right?

Well the other day I heard that The Fray covered one of my favorite songs off his new album. While it doesn't have the cool beat that I love about the original song it's still worth listening to:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What I'm Doing

This weekend was a busy one. John and I had our normal weekend craziness with parties to attend, general chores, his sister was also visiting and we started work on the fence. We completed 2 sections and the gate. The gate was probably the biggest accomplishment. Our goal is to complete 2 sections a night so we can be done in time for brush pickup next week. Pictures from everything to come.

I also started working out with my personal trainer. I've had 2 sessions so far. The 1st one kind of kicked my ass, but not like the very 1st session. I only kind of felt like passing out for a short time at one point. I felt horrible the next day though. I went to work and sat at a desk all day which is not good for sore muscles. The next session went really well. I've discovered that I cannot balance at all on my right side and she makes me do tons of stuff standing on one foot. I basically suck at it. Especially when doing lunges. All those years of lifting trays on my left side are finally catching up to me. I also have to do a lot of stuff on the ball. Again balance is not my strong point. When I was a kid I grew over a foot one summer and I don't think I've had control of my body since then. I was not named Grace for a reason! Hopefully all of this stuff will help me out and I'll have less bruises from constantly running into things.

Tonight John and I are going to the Spurs v Mavs game. I got John 3 sets of tickets for Christmas. I had actually forgotten about them until the other night.
J: What's the date?
Me: The 22nd.
J: Oh, I thought it was the 23rd, because we have the Spurs game on the 24th.
Me: Nope. I forgot we were going to the game.
J: Well that's if I'm going to take you.
Me: That's fine. They're your tickets. You can take whoever you want.
J: Oh really!? I thought you bought them so we could go together.
Me: Nope. They're your present. You can do whatever you want with them. Although I'd be highly offended if you didn't take me.
J: See! The truth comes out!
Me: Well maybe only if you didn't invite me to the Suns game.
J: Really? You'd give up a chance to yell at Dirk?
Me: Yep. It's not that I don't like Dirk, I just think he's ugly. Steve Nash on the other hand. I freakin' hate Steve Nash.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My House List

Recently I asked John to make up a list of things that he would like for the house with the number 1 item being a fence. I've always had a list of things in my head that I want to do and I'm assuming he has the same. I figured if we both made a list we could sit down together and prioritize it. Except, I'm pretty sure he's got stuff like a new car stereo and a guitar amp. This is my list so far:

A new fence. This is what the worst corner looked like when we moved in:

We've removed a lot of the brush so it's not tipping over so much. This is the style of fence that we're going to put in.

We're going to start working on it this weekend. John actually has some crazy idea involving railroad ties, crushed gravel and the moving of dirt in order to make the ground level near the gate. I've yet to fully understand exactly how he is going to do this and I'm just going to leave him to it. I'm going to start on the section that's actually falling down and is currently being held in place by L brackets. Yeah, we're Klassy like that.

Oh we also heard back from our city councilwoman. She had come to our HOA meeting and I had also emailed her about the service ditch that runs alongside and behind our house. There are some trees behind the house that are huge and are also helping to tear up the fence. We weren't sure whose responsibility these trees were. Well she sent out someone yesterday from the city and the guy told us that technically we are responsible for anything 2 feet from our fence line, but because of where the tree is, it's size, and that the root structure could potentially mess with the ditch, the city is going to come out and remove it. Rock on! Plus that tree drops some mad seeds all over the place and we constantly have baby trees growing up in our yard.

Next up are little things around the house. I want to update the lighting in pretty much all the rooms of our house. While I was searching for ceiling fans (Yes, I'm from Texas. We have a ceiling fan in every room of our house tacky or not) I discovered that you can actually change out the light fixtures on them and that many have reversible blades. I actually felt pretty dumb for not knowing this! Last night I got up and looked at all our fans and discovered that almost everything I hated about them could easily be changed!

So for the living room I want to get rid of this:

and change it to something like this:

I think the blades are the same color on both sides, but I actually like their color.

I HATE the fan in my bedroom, but found out that I have some really pretty cherry blades instead of the ugly walnut ones that are currently showing. I also want more light than the 3 lights give and want to change it to something like this:

or to maybe the same as what I want in the living room. I can't decide.

John's mom is also giving us a fan that she took out of her living room. We're going to put that one in the office (no clue what it looks like) and get rid of this crappy one:

For the guest room I want to change out the bubble fixture and put in this. It also has cherry blades that are currently hiding.

The kitchen is a tough one. This is the current kitchen set up:

I have an odd shaped kitchen and we keep the table against the wall except when we have company over. If it's pulled out all the time, it's hard to get from the living room into the kitchen, but this is the only time that the table is centered under the light. The current fan (there is another light on the other side of the kitchen as well) is really pretty, but doesn't sit in there well (blame the previous homeowners). Plus it's a bell shaped light cover and the chain is hard to pull through, plus you get the feeling that the whole thing is going to fall on you when you pull it. So I could change the fixture to something like this to make pulling easier:

Or I could get rid of the fan (the fan is only nice when you're doing a ton of cooking and the kitchen gets hot) and put in a chandelier:

But because we'd be walking under that part of the table on a regular basis and John and I aren't exactly short, I'm also thinking something like this:

Or like this:

Or this:

I really like the first one, but the black or stainless would also go better with the kitchen. Which do you like best?

I also want to replace the hallway light with this:

Next on is the bathrooms. I REALLY want to replace these lights that are in both bathrooms.

Ugh. I HATE gold.

I'm thinking something along the lines of this:

I also want to replace the faucet in the hallway bath with this:

In our master bath I REALLY want a new vanity:

Ours was painted black and started peeling (again, thanks previous owners). Because of the wood grain it was really hard to strip so we just gave up and painted it white, but it's kind of crappy.

I also want to paint our bathroom, but I'm not sure what color.

I REALLY want new living room furniture I like this set a lot:

Plus it's currently on sale for half off, which makes me want it really more. I can't decide if I would rather have a regular or a sleeper sofa though. I plan on having this furniture for a long time and I know that eventually we'll have to give up having a guest room once those little monsters people call children come along (VERY, VERY DISTANT FUTURE) so I'd like to have a place for people to sleep. Although an air mattress set up in the office is also pretty comfy and a little more private. What do you think - sleeper or a regular couch? (Plus the regular sofa is super cheap right now).

On to landscaping stuff. I really want to make a garden. We don't have a suitable place in the backyard (or the space) so I've thought about getting some large planters and lining the deck with them.

I also want to get rid of this ugly tree we have in the backyard. It's still pretty small, but it's right next to the outdoor AC unit. Plus it has 2 trunks instead of 1 so it won't ever be a solid tree. I want to dig it up and put in a lime tree in a different area.

The guy from the city that came to look at the big tree also told us that we could pretty much do whatever we wanted to along the small ditch beside the house. We're thinking of taking out the overgrown Red Tipped Photinias and planting a row of hedges.

This will help keep the soil in and keep the kids from cutting through our yard.

That's pretty much it, for now at least.....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today in Pictures - January Edition

Got up and went to the movies.

Smuggled in Breakfast Tacos.

Really good movie.

Got home and cleaned house.


Drove to Erin's.

Watched Big Love and drank lots of wine.

Came home and studied some more.

Just some cuteness

My brother sent me this picture of my nephew yesterday

Monday, February 16, 2009

Reason #892 why I should not have changed my last name

John's dad was a pastor. Being the pastor and the pastor's family they constantly had church people over on a regular basis and had a lot of bonds and friendships and whatnot with church members. Now, I'm not trying to judge or stereotype any churchgoers or anything, but you know what? There are some crazies out there. Especially in the smaller cities in which John's dad was a pastor. Plus many of them are strangely attracted to the pastor's family.

Well one of those crazies has decided to track down John's family. She found John through myspace and since he never checks his she contacted me. Of course she had to prove to me she wasn't crazy, and instead only proved herself to be crazy. She went as far as talking about her insanely jealous ex that forbid her to talk to John's brother and how losing that contact just broke her heart. She also kept going on and on about how John's parents were like parents to her and his brother and sister were like her own brother and sister. Yeah. J's siblings were like 4 years old and then John's family moved away. John, he wasn't even alive yet. Uh huh....then they didn't see or speak to this lady for like 10 or more years. In fact, it's quite possible his family lived on a whole other continent than this woman.

She also tries to use other names and nicknames for J that I'm pretty sure he's never been called. She also can't spell his sister's name correctly, you know since they were like BFF's, that's like really important and stuff. Plus, if someone hasn't contacted you in 20 years don't you think there's kind of a reason for it?

This weekend she sent me another myspace message saying she's tracked us all down and has our addresses and phone numbers, she even knew what J's dad's current occupation is (pretty sure she used some kind of service). **Insert creepy stabber horror flick music** She even called his brother the other day **more stabber music** I guess we're even because when she sent me - A TOTAL STRANGER - the first message she put ALL of her contact info down as well. Yeah, cuz I like to just send that out to random people I find on the internet. Especially ones I find on myspace cause that site is TOTALLY legit! Actually I take that back. She didn't leave her email address. I mean why would you use the internet to get ahold of someone that you haven't talked to in like 20 years and not give them your email? Because you're crazy and want their information so you can stalk them and their entire family. That's why!

**Faith sleeps with a butter knife under her pillow from this point forward**

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I have been just plain exhausted this weekend! Plus I seem to have caught a stomach bug or something. Of course it could have been the 4 cheese enchiladas, 1/2 lb cheeseburger, onion rings and french fries that my coworker and I split for lunch on Friday, but I don't think I'd still be suffering on Sunday. I had a bunch of friends that were in town this weekend for a conference. It was one that I should have registered for since it was in my own city and all, but I forgot, and had already missed all the deadlines and it was just ridiculously expensive by that point. So I opted to just go and hang out with them. Except that didn't happen either. Friday night I was passed out on the couch watching old episodes of House around 9 and finally gave up at 10. I found out today my friend was doing the same, woke up around 10 and didn't go to bed until 3am! I just can't hang until 3 in the morning drinking in hotel rooms anymore!

Saturday I hoped would be a bit better. I got up and went to the gym, and found out they are doing a special on personal training sessions that I'm going to seriously think about. John and I both kind of laid around the house all day and I started getting our V-Day dinner together. Grilled steaks, baked potatoes, roasted asparagus and white trash pie (graham cracker crust, chocolate pudding and cool whip) were on the menu. We also opened up a bottle of wine from our anniversary trip to Fredericksburg. It was fantastic and we may have to make another trip up there to get a few more bottles of it! Afterwards I was not feeling so great and told John I was going to lay down while I waited to hear from my friends so we could go out. That was 8 pm and that was the last anyone saw of me until 10 the next morning!

I finally met up with my friends for lunch. Then it was a bunch of errand running. John and I are going to start replacing the fence. We took measurements and started pricing it out. Of course I went to another store on my own and got distracted looking at light fixtures and ceiling fans. I think our house is going to become my next project now that I have a life again. The good news is that our tax return should cover the cost of materials for the fence. We just have to figure out how to complete a project like this without killing eachother! Wish us luck!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Trash the Dress

I've had these set aside and have been meaning to post them for awhile, but haven't gotten around to it. I'm kind of glad I waited for it because last night I got an email from our fabulous photographer and The Knot Magazine is going to feature this picture in their upcoming Fall/Winter edition in their Photo Ops section.

How cool is that? John was super excited because he came up with hiding behind the hat. Plus it's some great exposure for our photographer!

Here are a few more of our favorites from the shoot:

I was constantly wiping John's suit off with my dress. Carnivals are dusty places!

This is John trying to keep me warm. It was FREEZING that day!

John gets this look a lot from me.

Have I shared the Jennifer's wonderful husband CJ made the neon heard for our shoot? How cool is that? You can also find a few more pictures here.

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