Thursday, January 15, 2009


Oh, and I have not decided on a header so please still tell me what you like. I was playing around and can't get my old one back at the moment so it's boring for now!

Tonight I have a girls night. A GIRL'S NIGHT! You have NO IDEA how much I need this night! I mean, it's only HH, but it's drinks and female interaction. I've been sitting on my couch with my husband for 2 weeks and I need people! People that understand my own brand of crazy. Stephanie and I caught up the other day and talked about the difference between boys and girls and while the men in our lives are so understanding and listen when we're upset they're so damned logical. Why can't you just get angry and pissed off for absolutely no reason with me!? Why do you always have to consider the other side!? Why not my side for just one minute!? Can't you just let your emotions completely overwhelm you for just a second? Just one second. That's all I'm asking for! Just feel everything all at once and then start to cope and have logic kick in. It's the very very rare occasion that John actually does this. I think it's just something that guys don't get. I also need to do some total bitching and just be judgemental. It's another thing that guys don't get. Sometimes it just feels good to judge and think you're better. So yes, TOTALLY looking forward to some girl time!

I also hope to work on my desk this weekend. John built me a wonderful desk and he thinks I hate it. I stole the idea from The Container Store and it's kind of similar to this:

Except mine is a dark wood and is longer. He just doesn't understand that I also need all the cute storage boxes to go with it all. Do you know how hard it is to find cute, inexpensive storage boxes? I cleaned out 5 Ross stores to get what I wanted! 5! I attempted to work on it last weekend, but when I went to adjust the shelves I found out I couldn't move them. John had screwed the brackets into the shelves, thinking I was set on their location, and I was under the assumption I would still be able to move them. Just total miscommunication on our part, but really it's more on his. I mean, I'm the most indecisive person on the planet when it comes to things like that. The fact that I had absolutely no objection to the first and only shelf placement should have set him off. Come on! I'm the girl that he goes Christmas tree shopping with every year and looks at 20 trees before going back to the first one. I can't make a decision on shelves in 5 minutes! I have to buy my cute storage boxes and see how everything is going to fit on there first! Gosh! Again, being a guy, he'd never understand this.

So that's my excitement and my chore for this weekend. On Tuesday we may have our cable and internet turned off for I'm not sure how long. I'm so not ready. I mean, cable, I could live without, but the internet? Are you kidding me!? We're trying to get our employee discount, but in order to do this we have to disconnect and put it in John's name (he wasn't working for this co when we moved in so we didn't think about it). Yes, it's the most retarded thing on the planet, really, you can't just delete Faith and type in John? Is it THAT hard? Apparently it is. Plus I need my discount so I can justify the cost of adding HBO so I can watch Big Love. Ahhh.....Big Love, how I've missed you! Since the cable install could take 1 day to 2 weeks (we're not sure just how long it will be yet) we could be struggling for awhile. Plus it's not like I can go online and watch the shows I've missed because I will have NO INTERNET. So expect some scheduled, boring blog posts next week! :)


  1. Feeling totally crazy for 10 minutes is so wonderful! Why can't they do it to!? Enjoy HH without me, as I told Erin, I will be there in spirit!

  2. Oh my gosh I love your desk inspiration! I would totally splurge on cute boxes, too. They just don't understand.


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