Monday, January 05, 2009

Ringing in the New Year

This year for Sarah's birthday/New Years we did a pub crawl. We got picked up at Babcock, moved on to Boston, Chicago, New York (where we had the countdown), and finally Dixie's.

On the bus to Boston

Virginia and Brandis

John doing I don't know what

Our bartender for the night

Sarah blowing out the candles and me and the birthday girl.

Me and Virg (with her eyes open!) and John and Becks.

Me and the hubs

Sarah, Virg and I

At Chicago (still trying to get the "sober pictures" in)

Becky and Erin

Me and Me and John

I caught Virg double fistin'

Then I gave her props

At New York, ready for the countdown

Showin' off the shoes (mine are on the left) that I borrowed from the shoe bank of Virginia.

Look! It's almost midnight and Sarah is out!

Happy New Year!!!! This is what John and I looked like right after.

John lettin' us know what year it is

Still lookin' pretty good for midnight and lots of booze!

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