Friday, January 23, 2009

My husband, the dork

Last month John, his step-dad and another friend decided they would get together every Friday for 3 weeks and watch the extended DVDs of Lord of the Rings. Each guy hosted and when it came to the last one they decided they would all dress up. I of course thought this was HILARIOUS and it made for some great conversations:
J: I need to figure out what I'm going to dress up as for LOTR (pronounced loader)
Me: You guys are so gay.
J: No we're not!
Me: Yes. Yes you are.
J: It's not any different than if you and your friends were going to go and watch Sex and the City and one of you was all, "I'm going dress up like Miranda" and "I'm going to be Samantha."
Me: One, my friends and I would NEVER do that. Two, you ARE SO gay for knowing the character names!

Later that night he downloaded 16 Candles and Pretty in Pink, yeah....

J (calling from Goodwill): Well I found an awesome waistcoat.
Me: What's a waistcoat?
J: It's like a vest.
Me: Well does it look like a vest?
J: Yeah.
Me: Then it's a vest.
J: Well S calls it a waistcoat and he's British so I figured he knew better.
Me: Well you're not so it's vest.
J: Whatever. I also found this little girl's velvet green dress that I'm going cut up and to turn into a cloak.
Me: Gay.
J: I'm not gay! I'm married!
Me: Doesn't matter. There are LOTS of married gay men. You could be one of them. I could be your Beard.
and now for your viewing pleasure, my dork of a husband as Frodo, Gandolf and a couple of Ringwraiths:

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  1. LMAO! I literally thought I was going to pee my britches reading this post! This is soooo something my husband would do.... but then again, I like those movies too. LOL! Thanks for posting. ***running off to email my husband and my BFF's husband this post****


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