Monday, February 09, 2009

The Many Faces of Reese and Riley

Trying to find Riley and his mouse pictures I came across some pretty funny pictures of the dogs.

Reese, she just looks high in half of her pictures

She reminds me of those Wuzzup beer commercials.

Or you get Bat Dog

She loves her daddy


Sleepin' in Riley's bed

and looking out the window.

She hates baths

and getting up in the mornings

Riley, he never quite looks the same.

Here's pound puppy Riley

The, I've had my hair cut and look like puppy Riley

The please don't take my picture, they just took my eye out and I'm drugged up Riley

don't you touch my doggie ice cream Riley

Dancin' Riley is one you often meet

and so is I'm so humiliated Riley

Riley also likes sleeping in Reese's bed

Generally, Riley just looks like a scruffy, serious, old man. My dad calls his the One Eyed Pirate Grey Beard.

Every now and then he lets loose and has a good laugh

This one, it's just a favorite


  1. I can't get over Reese sleeping in Riley's bed!

    "fat guy in a little coat." LOL!

  2. LOL - that is totally what we sing when she does it too! We finally caught on and just bought them both the same bed.


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