Wednesday, January 07, 2009

List Update

So I have a backlog of stuff that I need to write about in regards to the list. I've also found that it's really hard to recall all of this stuff so I really need to keep better track. So here goes!

I've read (I think, it could be more) 3 books that are not chic lit.
Brisingr (cause John and I are both dorks)
The Time Traveler's Wife (Loved)
The Thirteenth Tale (I also highly recommend)

Went to the Dr. Pepper Museum

Graduated from Grad School

Made 5 (again, could be higher) new recipes. They've all been previously mentioned in other posts as well. Don't worry, I'm not holding back on you. They include the glazed carrots and mac n cheese from Thanksgiving, the 2 kinds of Pumpkin Muffins and my Tomoato Basil soup (ok, holding back there, but I'll get to it).

I didn't pay off my car, because I bought a new one instead.

I documented a day in November in pictures and shared those. I have Sept., Oct., and Dec., that all need to be shared though.

I tried 3 new restaurants: Rio Grande, The Guenther House and Bravo. The Guenther House was the only so so place.

Hosted a family event, Christmas.

We've hosted 2 game nights.

Attended a fair - I'm including the carnival we shot our TTD pics at and Wurstfest.

Went to a sporting event: We went to a Spurs game with Sean and Laura

The updated list is over the the right at the top of this page. Check it out to see what all I've completed! Hopefully I won't got 3 months without any updates again!

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