Tuesday, January 13, 2009

200th Post

Whoa. 200. What to write for this milestone? Would you consider it a milestone even? Hmmm....

Unfortunately all I've got is Riley and his Mouse.

Riley LOVES Mouse.

However, if you point that out to him he gets angry with you and totally denies it.

You tell him to "get Mouse" and you get the "what you talkin' about?" look.

If you tell him to "get Mouse" when he's got mouse, he immediately ignores Mouse.

Every now and then Riley will run out of the bedroom with Mouse and bring him into the living room. He'll shake him around a bit, drop him on the floor, pick him back up and run back to the bedroom. John calls this, "date time." We think he brings Mouse to meet us and then goes out. Yes. We know we're crazy.

Usually Mouse is left discarded somewhere around the house, forgotten, used and abused.

On occassion you end up with this cuteness:


  1. How cute is Riley! What a sweet doggy mommy you are to know all Riley's quirks.


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