Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jeans Rave

I haven't bought jeans from Gap in forever. Probably since some random trip in college. I think I've bought those jeans and a pea coat from there my entire life. I guess I'm just not a Gap kind of girl. I do remember those jeans. I remember loving them. I remember I loved them so much I was laying on the floor trying to get those jeans on while one of my roommates did the whole coat hanger trick to get them on. Ahhh....those were the days!

In an effort to try and find some jeans that 1. fit and 2. are long enough I decided to give Gap another try. I went through the piles of jeans that had already been thrown around (as it was the day after Christmas) and finally found a pair of the Long and Lean style in my size, but not in long. I tried them on and they fit and though they were in regular length I could definitely wear them with flats. I go back out to try to find a pair in long and finally a guy comes over to help me. I ask if they have my size in long and he just gives me this look and is all, "Ummm.....yeah....we've only got those online. You'll have to go with (1 size down) they're stretchy." Wow. Just wow. Stretchy. Are you kidding me!? So I leave the store, feeling like a fatty and a freakish tall person (although for once they had my larger size in store) ready to go online and suck it up to buy what I need online once again.

I go online to see if I can find them and see that they have extra long length for talls. Awesome! Then I start reading the reviews about how the jeans have changed and how many people have found that after a few hours the jeans feel like they're a size too big. So I decide to hold off and to go to another Gap store and see if the smaller size might fit. Plus I'm excited that I was able to find a printable 40% off coupon online that I took with me to the store. While looking for the long in the smaller size I find my size in the extra long length! Score! I grab those and a regular length in the smaller size. I fell in love the the extra long length and knew I had to buy those. The ones that were the smaller size fit ok. They were definitely snug, but I can see how they could become loose with wear and fit comfortably. I went ahead and bought my size, and also scored another 40% off coupon (they have one in store that's 40% on item each Wednesday in January). I may go back and buy the smaller size in long, but haven't decided just yet. The best news, I can wear those extra long length jeans with my 4 inch heels.

In other long jean news, my current pair of high heel jeans are the Sweetheart cut from Old Navy. I tried on a pair and they've gone stretchy as well. So if you're a wearer of those you may need to go down a size in them.

So as of now I have 2/3 of my New Years outfit with these jeans

and these shoes.

Now I just need to find a top.

Christmas Celebrations

We woke up Christmas morning and opened our stockings. John got some lego Star Wars things that he wanted


Box wine for me!


The dogs got stockings too


Then we opened our big presents so we didn't have to lug them to my brother's.

Pretending to be surprised by the gift that he already knew he was getting.


You see that hair? I don't miss it.


Yes we wrapped the empty KitchenAid box


We drove up to North Austin to my brother's for our family combined with my SIL's family Christmas.

This is the pile of presents for my niece and nephew. Whatever happened to present piles that big?


Here's my little brother, mom and dad


My nephew was being so delicate opening presents. In fact both he and my 1 year old niece would tear off a piece of paper and hand it to you.


We told him to rip it open and he was a little appalled


John took his little hand and showed him how to punch open this one. Once he realized how fun it was he went to town on this present


Isn't that an awesome little couch? It folds out into a bed too. We convinced him to open his presents on it.


I got a recipe binder!


Guitar Hero 5!


He also got Gears of War. If you're looking for my husband. He's on the couch playing his Xbox. He got 3 new games for Christmas.


John got me this cool wine preserver set. It's a little cork thing and then it creates a vacuum to keep the bottle sealed. AWESOME!


Zebra print flats. Love them!


Ben got a guitar (not from us)


Tio John shows him how to play


So excited


Then I wandered to the other present pile just in time to see my niece open her favorite present


Look! It's a mailbox!


Ben got so tired he had to lay down and open presents


Once she got on this thing (from my grandpa, she can push herself, it has a rocker and it has foot holders and a handle so her mom can push her) she stopped opening presents all together. She was done. I had to take presents to her while she was on it to get her to open anything else.


My mom was really excited about some floral design books John (I) got her.


This scarf was also a present from John


My dad also grew out a Christmas beard. His didn't take nearly as long as John's did.


Once Lizzie went down for a nap Ben was all over her present


After we ate Ben wanted to play with every toy he got. Tio John, can you blow up my ball pit?


We eventually got a hand pump. Ben loved it!


The next night we met up with John's brother and his kids for dinner and more presents.

Polly Pockets!


Liv Doll (I had no idea what those things were)


We got dinner and a movie. Yay!


Hope everyone else had a fabulous Christmas as well!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve

Since I have a moment of free time (not really, but cleaning the bathrooms and doing the dishes just does not sound like fun right now) I'll recap my Christmas.

On Christmas Eve John and I did our usual snack foods for dinner, had hot chocolate at his mom's and then went to look at Christmas lights. Here are some of the highlights:


I just like the shadows


I like lights like this without all the crazy inflatables


Here were are on the Best Street in this neighborhood


All the houses pretty much looked like this, but it's really cool when a whole street looks like this.


Two blocks down we found the Best Overall




Next door to the Best Overall House was this awesomeness


Across the street from Best Overall was the competition



Of course nothing beat this house


Oh wait, that's ours. :)

We finally got all those stupid lights lit.


We're totally doing daily shots next year!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Yes, we had a return of the crazy German man that calls my house. We haven't heard from them in a very long time, but as it's the holidays, it's about a year later (they're a year older). I woke up on the 23rd at 4 in the morning, heart pounding, wondering who could have died, only to get, "Janelle?" Ugh. We haven't gotten any other calls so it must be a fluke. *Fingers Crossed*

Friday, December 25, 2009

Reasons why I love my husband this year at Christmas

In response to the super cute zebra print flats he bought me for Christmas:

Me: I think my feet are getting bigger. I've had to buy 10's the past two times I bought shoes.
J: I think they're just making shoes smaller.
Me: I love you.

Hope you all had a wonder Christmas as well!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Do You Know What Tomorrow Is?

I bet you said Christmas didn't you? For me, it's the day I can finally say goodbye to the Christmas Beard and John's crazy long hair. It's going to be a glorious day! (although I'm sure we'll actually have to wait until the 26th for the hair cut).

Here's where we were yesterday (we take the pictures at night usually before going to bed each day).


Two more pictures for you and then we're done! Hallelujah! Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all get what you want (like me! Goodbye Christmas Beard!) and have a wonderful day however you spend it!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

There Goes Christmas Part Two

Me: I need to run to Barnes and Noble, Target, Wal-Mart and HEB today.
John: I'll go with you if you'll go to Guitar Center with me. I need to go by Target too.
Me: You can't come with me.
John: Why not?
Me: Because.
John: Because why?
Me: Because I need to buy something for a certain someone and that someone can't come to the store with me.

Later we run into eachother in the Target parking lot.

Me: *Tries to hide cart behind myself* Hey stranger! Don't look in the cart!
John: Why not?
Me: Because I don't want any more ruined Christmas surprises.
John: Speaking of Christmas surprises. I just went and got you one, but it's not going to be here until after Christmas. I'm debating whether or not I should tell you.
Me: Well I don't want to know. Why don't you print out a picture of whatever it is and wrap it.
John: So you don't want me to tell you?
Me: *wonders out loud* What could you have gotten me that wouldn't be here until after Christmas?
John: IwenttoBarnesandNobleandreservedthespecialeditionofLambforyou!
Translation: I went to Barnes and Noble and reserved the special edition of Lamb for you.
John: Well you asked!
Me: I was thinking out loud! It was a rhetorical question!

Christmas Newsletter


Make your own here

ETA: Because I would hate to not give credit where credit is due I totally got this from Lauren in Texas. That's her blog if you'd like some new reading. Hope you all enjoy your newsletters! If only we could ACTUALLY send them out to our Christmas card lists right?

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