Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why hello there!

To all you stalkers that have come out of hiding! Glad to make you all laugh and thank you for the nice comments about the TTD pics. I'm so in love with them and am currently stalking my mailbox for my DVD of all the pics. I also found out my oldest brother is keeping up with me making him probably the only family member that reads this (unless one of you also needs to come out of hiding). Emily, see post blow about catching up on things? Your super awesome bachelorette party is one of those. At least I've uploaded pics and emailed them to you! That's something right? Leah, as I catch up on even more stuff I'll have pics from the wedding and you all can see how fantastic me and my hair looked! The eye shadow primer also held up the whole night!

Ok, I'm off to try to catch the dogs again as they make more attempts to jump on the table and get at the cookies from the cookie echange. I also need some more Faith time before John comes home. Almost 7 hours around people today and I need a break. Once exhaustion sets in I can only be pleasant for so long. Things just get ugly after that!

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