Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Return of Ross

2 years ago at Christmas John and I decided to find the ugliest thing we could and regift it. This was all because his mom is the Queen of regifting. She's always unloading random things on you and as a way to hopefully stop we bought this horrible glass clown at Ross (the clown's namesake). We gifted it to my MIL's husband since he would probably appreciate it the most. Well then Ross started showing up at any and all family events.

Things like Christmas and cookie exchanges

He was even (despite my friends' many attempts at kidnapping) at my wedding

After that first year Ross' visits kind of dropped off. In fact we didn't really see him at all last year. So imagine my surprise when Ross shows up in my bedsheets on Christmas. I'm just crawling under my covers and find this ugly clown staring back at me.

The next morning I show him to my mom who just starts laughing and saying that my MIL had told her she was going to do that. Apparently, my MIL thinks 2009 is going to be MY year and Ross is supposed to bring me some kind of luck and fertility. If this is also the reason that this:

has mysteriously shown up in my mailbox, things are not going to be pretty. At least she's never asked me about grandkids and has only talked to John. She might not like my answer. Why can't people comprehend the "we're just not ready yet" answer?

So until Ross meets his demise he's now camping out on John's bookshelf in the office.

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