Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Now it's Emily's turn!

Florist Erin and I drove up to Austin for Emily's bachelorette party. (Yes, I have to label my Erins. I have Little Erin, the original Erin, Bunco Erin and Florist Erin. I also do this with Sarahs)

We had a lot of people staying in our one hotel room so Emily wanted to go a little incognito on our way out.

First, the sober pictures:

The bachelorette

Her and her maid of honors

Me and Erin

We started off on 4th Street and hit up Oil Can Harry's - gotta love all the gay men!

But not when they're the type that attack bride's veils

Typical bachelorette debauchery ensued

and it being Austin we also met many other bachelorettes

We picked up a lot of friends along the way (and managed to lose some as well)

and before we knew it it was over and Erin was posing with passed out guys in the street!

Jordan showed up to help us pack up the mess of the hotel room the next day

He was a very good sport

The Naughty Knotties

On our way back home I introduced Erin to Trudy's and then we stopped in for some Ashely and Luci time.

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