Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My latest favorite kitchen item

The Oxo LiquiSeal Travel Mug!

I'm loving this thing right now! Yesterday I made my morning coffee around 8. Drank a little bit on my way to our Christmas Breakfast for work. Left the mug in my car in our suprisingly cold 30 something degree weather. Came back to the car after 2 hours, drove to work (coffee has been in mug for 2 1/2 hours now) and decided I'd try some and see if it was still warm. Still piping hot! I was amazed. I can be a horribly slow coffee drinker some days so this thing is perfect! Yes Santa, I'd love another! It'd be perfect for my stocking and you can find it at Target.


  1. That is a quality mug. BTW I love your hair! I can't remember if it was short the last time I saw you! Very sassy!

  2. Thanks lady! You may have seen me once with the short hair but that was early on and you were still really sick.


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