Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Moist Poot Conversations

Last night we had dinner at Cici's with Julie and talked about John's two least favorite words: moist and poot. We end up repeating these two words continuously and I even threatened to take a big moist poot in his car on our way to go see Four Christmases. After the movie we have the following conversation:

John: Dude a minute ago I burped up a mushroom.
Me: That's disgusting! *Retching sounds*
John: *continues talking about disgusting mushroom*
Me: *dry heaving*
John: Now you know how I feel about the words moist poot.
Me: *somehow finds this comparison terribly funny and starts laughing*
John: Moist. It just sounds wrong. Moi and ssst. What kind of word ends in ssst?
Me: *stops laughing* List?
John: And Poot? Poot just sounds like such a girly word. *girly voice* I pooted. Guys fart and girls poot. I just imagine the word being written in big pink bubble letters. Poot.
Me: *Laughing hysterically through all this continually repeating moist poot*

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  1. Boys are such weirdos. And I have to say...that mug thing you have sounds really good. I'm a coffee sipper too so I may need to look into that!

    And yes, maybe we can squeeze in one last saucer trip before this kid takes over.....but don't worry, it will only be a temporary leave of absence....I'll be back!


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