Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Yes, I got all my shopping done the day after Thanksgiving.

Well almost. I have 3 people still on my list, but all the kids have been bought for which is great. The best part? I even had them wrapped that same weekend. Yes. I'm crazy. I love wrapping presents though. LOVE IT. I don't know why. Every year I buy 2 new rolls of paper to add to my collection. I get all the presents and sit in front of the TV (John must be out of the house for wrapping to occur) and I just wrap. It's so much fun.

John also put lights up outside. We had a couple of arguments over the type of lights to put up. I HATE icicle lights. Especially in the South where no one has even seen an icicle. Really. What's the point. Of course John loves them. He did cave though and let me get colored lights, which he thinks are ghetto. I secretly believe that because he thinks they are ghetto he is refusing to replace the lights that have gone out. So now my lovely colorful lights do officially look ghetto.

Notice he also put some out on the deck?

I let him have his white lights.

My favorite part is how they reflect off the covering.

In finding all the Christmas decorations, we also found the dogs' Christmas outfits.

Don't they both have the same look on their faces?

This is a typical Reese face.

Please excuse my outfit.

This past weekend we went out and bought our tree. I think it's the biggest tree we've ever gotten. I don't know what I was thinking when I kept saying every other tree we've ever had has always been bigger. Plus there is no good spot to put the tree in. It's awesome looking, but just awkward. It's also right next to the fireplace (which we tiled with our super secret method that will be discussed later). Granted we're in Texas where the high today was almost 80 degrees, but John really wants to use that fire log we bought. Having a giant dead tree next to a fire though? Yeah, not really gonna work.

So here are a few pictures of the tree starting from the beginning.

This is me playing with the settings on my camera.

This is John after he got mad that I wouldn't help him and I told him, well just look excited for a picture and then I'll help.

All done!


  1. I was about to call you my Christmas twin...I love love love wrapping presents and I HATE icicle lights too...but then you had to go and ruin it with colored lights :o) Oh well, at least they're not inflatable santas or something!

  2. Ugh. I hate inflatable lawn ornaments. I secretly want to go out and pop 'em.

  3. I LOVE wrapping presents, too! No one else seems to understand!

  4. Your dogs look so cute! Awww. Pee Wee loves his Christmas outfits, or at least I think he does...If he doesn't I don't care. :o)


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