Thursday, December 11, 2008

I heart comments

I've had two new people recently comment on my blog! Yay! Makes me feel special! So come out come out where ever you are blog stalkers! I promise to be a bit more entertaining in the upcoming future. Unless you guys like to see my attempts at doing my hair. I can keep that up. I also recently discovered the wonderfulness that is eyeshadow primer. If you'd like I can take daily pictures of my eyeshadow. We can call it Adventures with Eye Shadow or something.

Really though I have some major updates that need to be done. I'm taking 2 weeks off at the end of the year and updating the blog will be one of many projects. I will be without internet for a bit of it though cuz AT&T is stupid and is making us send our stuff back in so everything can be put in John's name and we can get a discount. Although if it's anything like the discount you gave me on my phone, I don't want it!


  1. What about your faithful commenters....what do we get?

  2. Well you guys already know that I love you. Is that not enough?

  3. Hey, I like checking out your blog from time to time. I found it through theknot/thenest and as a former SA resident, I occassionally check out the SA board still.
    P.s. love your trash-the-dress pics!!!

  4. Hair updates are good for me! :)

    Boo to sucky service.

  5. Ok, I'm coming out as one of your blog stalkers. Your updates always crack me laugh- I love reading them.

  6. oh yeah- and when is my b-party gonna be mentioned? Or at least a couple of pics posted? :)

  7. Fear not. I do read.


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