Friday, December 26, 2008


On the 19th I got my Master of Arts in Education with a major in Adult Learning and Teaching. It's basically Training and Development. UTSA doesn't offer an MBA in Human Resources, plus I didn't really feel like taking the GMAT so I went with a degree in the one part of HR I really enjoy (one of the reasons I majored in HR was all the different things you could do). Now I'm in the whole, I don't know what I want to do and am kind of tired of training. I'm taking my PHR exam next month (more studying yay!) which is almost better than an MBA in HR in the HR world. So expect some more of my crazy anxiety in the next few weeks as I get ready for my exam.

Here are some pics from graduation that John took. They did a mass hooding and the lady that did mine was super short. I had done my 30 Day Shred that morning and I thought my legs just might give out when I squatted down so she could reach me.

John and my parents
Proof that my husband loves me
Walkin' in.
As usual, I'm still the tallest kid in the class

Ok, lets play can you spot Faith?
This one is easy.
How about now?
And now? I doubt it

On my way to get my fake diploma (I'll get the real one in a few weeks). My friend Deanna is the blond, that just walked.

And I'm a graduate
Me and Deanna in our dorky hats
Me and the hubs
Just me
Me and the rents

My coworkers also threw a little party for me, I think they just really wanted an excuse for cake, and the cake freakin' rocked!

Proof that my coworkers know me well, a cocktail stirrer with the best message ever!

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  1. Way to go Faith! I have been M.I.A but there is much catching up to do. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!


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