Wednesday, December 03, 2008


If you asked me to give one word to describe myself that would be it. I've been going nonstop since September. I think I've had one weekend to myself and it was so long ago I don't even remember when it was.

This is my current To Do List (not including the normal daily crap I usually do):
  • Find a new vet and get the dogs teeth cleaned
  • Study for my PHR exam that I'm taking in January
  • Repair a portion of the back fence where Riley keeps getting out
  • Finish Christmas shopping (thankfully it's almost all done)
  • Wrap the remaining Christmas presents
  • Mail out Graduation Announcements
  • Mail out Christmas Cards
  • Work out so the girls fit into the bridesmaid dress
  • Upload about a million pics into Snapfish that I've been promising to send to people for weeks now
  • Find a home warranty company or renew with the one we have.
  • Find time to have that massage and wine graduation celebration with Deanna
  • Get my hair cut

Through January this is what my life is like:

  • Tonight - Graduation dinner with the in laws
  • This weekend - go see Ashley and baby Luci, Emily's bachelorette party in Austin, buy and decorate the Christmas tree
  • Next Monday is the Downtown Campus Holiday Luncheon and I have to make a dessert.
  • Wednesday is the Bunco Ornament Exchange Dinner
  • Thursday the 11th is Erin's Rehearsal Dinner
  • Friday I have to get a pedicure, dinner with Kristi & Jake and Matt & Fam and then decorate the church for the wedding.
  • Saturday at 8 am I have to meet up at the hotel to get ready for the wedding
  • Sunday is the cookie exchange and then John's family dinner and gift exchange
  • The 15th I have my staff Christmas party
  • The 19th is Graduation and my entire family will be down
  • The 20th is Emily and Jordan's wedding in Austin
  • I also start vacation on the 19th for 2 glorious weeks in which I will try to knock out a ton of other things I need to catch up on and will most likely need another vacation for.
  • Hosting my family Christmas on the 25th (so days of prep will be involved here)
  • Spack's bday and whatever other fun on New Years Eve

For the new year I already have 3 weddings on the books (not including however many I end up working) and about half a dozen babies being born. It's never ending. Please don't hate me if I have no time for you. It will literally take me weeks to schedule you in.

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