Monday, December 22, 2008

Erin's Wedding

Since we've already talked about her bachelorette party let's get to the good part - the wedding day! I had bachelorette parties back to back weekends starting the end of November followed by then two lovely ladies' weddings. John and I have been to 12 weddings this year and already have 3 on the books for next year. We're awesome wedding guests if anyone would like to rent us!

Erin's wedding ceremony was at her home church which is Catholic. Those that may not know, I somewhat grew up in the Mormon church, but then I discovered the world of premarital sex and alcohol and it was just all downhill from there. Needless to say, other churches are always weird to me. While Mormon church isn't all super quiet and the women don't have to sit separate from the men and stuff, and no, my family is not the type that has 14 teenage brides. But we don't have rock bands, we don't greet each other in the middle of the service, obviously we drink water instead of wine as a symbol of the blood of Christ (we also eat little pieces of torn up bread), we don't do the whole call and response thing either, and we don't have just one person up there talking the whole time. So yeah, Mormon church totally different from Catholic church. I think I went to a Catholic church once when I was little, so a lot of things were new to me. The up/down, the bowing to the cross when we walked up the aisle, etc. I can really see how my thighs could benefit from being Catholic, but I'm not about to join up any church or religion any time soon. I get my God in little religious arguments I like to have with my husband, the ex pastor's son (the only boy who could ever teach me, was the son of a preacher man!)

ANYWAYS, back to the subject of Erin's wedding. The priest is new, looks like the guy that had
the mouse in The Green Mile,

is very conservative

and required us to wear pantyhose.

The church was really pretty

and had Holy Water on Tap

Being a conservative priest he also didn't allow the couple to kiss, which I'm still finding VERY strange. I almost feel like they aren't married or something. Very weirded out by this. Here's the happily married couple.

Here's the beautiful bride

We had to get up at 7am the morning of the wedding. I had a lot of time to sit around and drink mimosas before I finally did my hair and makeup, which both turned out fabulous!

All the practice paid off right?

I LOVED our dresses and I'm really going to shorten it and wear it again!

Not as if the dress wasn't already short on me (see my feet stickin' out?)

The reception was at Main Street Ballroom downtown across from San Fernando, which I managed to not get a picture of, but got everything else out in the square.

The groom built this awesome sleigh for all their gifts.

I thought the cakes were gorgeous!

They even had an ice cream sundae bar which made John want to get married all over again so he could have one (not really).

The decor was simple and fit the holiday theme.

The random shots of me and John.

The I got left alone with the camera for 5 seconds picture of John.

Us and the happy couple.

Me and the bride

A cute baby/Erin's new nephew/Our getting ready stress ball

New friends

It was a good wedding and I'm so happy for these two. Can't wait to catch up with Erin and see how her Mexican honeymoon went. We may also be on baby watch with these two, but we'll have to see!

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