Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Doin' the hair

So my hair does straight. As in straight as a board. As in won't hold a curl no matter how much product is used, how long I sleep in foam rollers, the amount of heat, the quality of stylist and/or tools. It does straight. I have the board straight hair that every curly haired girl out there longs for. Likewise, I long for curls. Like Christina Applegate curls:

Or Sarah Jessica Parker:

I can lust over their curls all I want, but my hair does straight and that is all. I'm in a wedding this weekend and of course I have to get my hair done. I'm super crazy picky about who lays a hand on my hair. In fact I had to get it done recently by two people that aren't my stylist (she doesn't work on Sundays and is booked until January). They were kind of traumatic experiences and neither myself nor my bangs have recovered. So instead of putting my hair in the hands of yet another person I don't trust, I've decided to try to perfect the half up, half down poofy updo on my own. I had asked my stylist to show me this the last time I had my hair done. It was too short to do it, but now that it's a bit longer (thank GOD the girl that cut my hair at least understood what a trim was) I'm able to pull it back.

Thanks to the advice from my stylist, the lovely internet and a google search (which pained me greatly to type) of Sarah Palin's updo. I came across this helpful tutorial.

Armed with a comb that I bought who knows when and a can of hairspray (which btw I had not purchased since high school) I got started. Now, these pictures are from the 4th try of which was my best. I plan on repeating this pretty much every night this week until I've achieved something close to perfection. I didn't have mousse (which I bought about 3 months ago and almost made my stylist cry when I told her) in my hair so tomorrow I'll try it that way. I also went out tonight and bought a bristle brush so tomorrow's attempt will hopefully be even better.

This is after I did the first bun.

Don't I look hot? You know you like it!

Then it was time to smooth and pin back to get the finished product!

Here's Riley just for fun. He slept through this entire process.

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  1. OHHH...I thought you were talking about a different poofy hair do! That one is really cute. I was think of the roster, ponytail one. I thought you were going crazy!


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