Monday, December 15, 2008


I lost my envelopes for my graduation announcements. I instead used the leftover envelopes from my wedding invitations. At least they were the same color.

I just spent 30 minutes reading about the Kennedys on Wikipedia. For some reason I thought JFK Jr.'s wife Caroline was still alive. She's not and neither is her sister. Her mom also sued the Kennedy's for 15 million and won.

I really want to hear what my cousin thinks of our Texas weather. I hear it's sleeting somewhere in the city. I give it another 15 minutes before this whole place shuts down.

It still doesn't feel like Christmas.

I've eaten tamales for 2 days in a row now.

The Guenther House sucks for breakfast. I rather go to Denny's.

My Apple Cake freakin' rocked our work luncheon. I may create a rum or whiskey sauce to go on top of it.


  1. My confession? I had to look up what toffee was. I couldn't find any in the grocery store for some cookies I want to make tomorrow. Not too much luck still.

  2. Well hello there little Miss Updater! Aren't you making the rest of us look bad? What I really want is a run-down of the wedding you were in this weekend! Everyone knows your TTD pics are awesome...give up the good stuff! :)

  3. Stephanie - I thought toffee was just something you made? Like my friend makes toffee bars, but they're just these sticky bar things covered in chocolate.
    Yeha yeah Erin. I'll get to it eventually. I currently owe Emily her bachelorette party. PLus I thought I was super cool and had uploaded her pictures and I haven't. The wedding'll get here eventually!

  4. I found it at Wal-mart this morning! It's Heath brand and I found it in the baking aisle. (I just wanted the little toffee bits)

  5. Interesting information about The Kennedys.

    Toffee is delicious!


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