Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Continued

On Christmas Eve John and I loaded up on the hot apple cider and hot chocolate, got into the car and headed out in search of Christmas lights. Here are some of the best and worst that we found along the way:

The first time either of us had seen this type of nativity scene.

This guy had music playing and snow falling over the garage

John thought it was unfair that the black wise man was the one that was burned out

This house gets the scary house award

Decorating the old school way - not a SINGLE inflatable

These two houses were directly across the street from one another. I can almost see the two men battling eachother each Christmas:

and across the street:

The best part of this house? The Animatronic Santa and Mrs. Claus

One street over from these two houses we found a street with every tree lit up. People were actually getting out of their cars and walking the street and posing in front of the houses.

Our final Christmas Eve adventure started just after we got home. I had yet to make my Christmas Day pies. I started at about 10pm on my 2 pumpkin pies. When my sister in law moved she gave me pretty much the entire contents of her pantry. This included a crapload of baking related items. When I had done my shopping I saw that I had a can of evaporated milk, so I only needed to buy one. I poured the milk from the first can into the bowl and everything was fine, then it was time for the 2nd can. It came out kind of thick and very yellow. I turned the can over and it had expired in September of 2007. Yeah, it had expired well over a year ago. Do you know how hard it is to find 2 cans of evaporated milk at 10pm on Christmas Eve? After 7 different stops at various gas stations, Walgreens and CVS I finally had my two UNEXPIRED cans of evaporated milk.

On Christmas Day we got up and opened our stockings:

The dogs liked their bones

John loved all the stuff I got him, including the hidden Spurs tickets

The Santa gifts for the dogs

John knows I love chocolate

For me it was off to the kitchen to start cooking for the eight people we were hosting that day. After the big meal and lots of complaints from my little brother (he's 23) about when we were going to open presents it was finally time.

John got a $1 and I got $5

My nephew Ben

Kids always like the packaging more than the actual toy. Don't worry, I took this away right after the picture.

My brother loved his camping stove and propane.

Wonder what it could be?

Even more Spurs tickets

My parents know him so well

I think the Shop Vac his favorite gift next to his circular saw

I got all the books I asked for

My favorite gift!

Then it was time to play!

There was a lot of Guitar Hero going on

Ben also played rearrange my house

My niece Elizabeth finally woke up from her 6 hour nap. We couldn't believe she slept so long!

Already thinks her Tia Faith is a crazy lady

See her little monkey toes?

Then it was time to say goodbye, and of course that's when Ben finally let me hold him.

Then our FINAL Christmas event was dinner with my Indiana cousins. See the tall blond one on the end? He was just a baby last time I saw him.

The next day all the family was gone and what did John and I do? CLEAN. Oh he also got to buy Guitar Hero World Tour and that's pretty much been consuming our lives ever since.

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