Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Recap


Target won and took my money again and again. I lost my fancy contacts while at the first wedding of the year we'd go to. It took a lot of money to get new ones. I also took my Boudoirs this month (sorry no link to those!) and had to get my first spray tan. The best thing that happened this month? I discovered my apple cake recipe.


Riley started his escape artist act.

John chauffeured Julie, Erin and I around on our drunken night out.

Had an awesome Knottie night out.


Celebrated Erin's birthday
Discovered Mint Dreams
I celebrated my birthday!

In a 2nd bday celebration Julie made me my giant cupcake.

Went to Baby Bake.


Got angry in the grocery store
We also went to Oyster Bake and served beer which meant lots of free beer. Somehow that also went undocumented on my blog. Could have been a good thing....


Got the AC replaced, goodbye stimulus check.
In one mass post I shared that we celebrated Julie's bday and then faked a bachelorette party, went to a Spurs game, went to another where I got to see Misty

my phone was stolen at that Spurs game and then I bought a new one.

John also shared his porn and I introduced you all to the German Man that calls my house.

I was the minister in Erin's wedding.

I also created my 101 in 1001 Days list.


The old German Man called back.

I started counting the number of weddings and babies for the year. Little did I know how big this list was going to get.

Made my first Chicago trip for this year, saw Lionel Richie while I was there.

Married Emily and Jordan.

Celebrated Becky's Bday.


Hosted the first annual H*man Olympics and finished physical therapy for my back.

It was two of my brother's birthdays this month.

Worked the pink wedding.

Ran away for the weekend to see Virginia and my nephew Ben.

Julie and I made TONS of cookies

The AC also broke again.

Bachelorette party in Austin.


Another wedding

The puppy hell that continued

Ode to Cheese Fries and lots of ranch dressing

John's dad and his nephew came for a visit and we all went to the zoo.

Watched nothing but the Olympics

Updated the living room and bought a new fridge.

The AC broke, AGAIN.

Mom had back surgery and we had to entertain ourselves in Waco.


Went to Chicago again and saw Oprah and all the Olympic athletes

Found out what was wrong with my wrist

Gave John the Boudoir pics and celebrated our one year anniversary with a trip to Fredericksburg. We got to sleep under the creepy turkey.

It was my youngest brother's birthday.

Celebrated Stephanie's birthday.


Spent a weekend in the kitchen

Bought a plant that is still barely alive.

Started going crazy writing my comps and had no life for 3 weeks.

Found a big pad of stress fat and my thyroid problem.

Was a Reverend again for my BFF's sister's wedding.

Bought a car

Lauren and Jack's wedding in Lubbock.

Celebrated John's last birthday in his 20s.

Halloween party and more John's bday celebration.


Emily's lingerie shower, visit with Virg and Jackie and a trip to Wurstfest.

Worked the White Wedding

Had the very NOT FUN thyroid biopsy. Only to find out everything is normal.

Passed my comps!!!

Became a Tia again to my wonderful little niece Elizabeth.


Week took our Trash the Dress Pics

Erin's bachelorette party and the baking of more cookies.


My life got even more crazy

Erin's Wedding

Emily's Bachelorette

I started my two week and much needed vacation.

I graduated from Grad School

Emily's Wedding

and finally Christmas!

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