Monday, November 17, 2008

The White Wedding

I worked a wedding last weekend - as a planner, not a minister. It was at the International Center downtown and it turned out gorgeous! The decor was done by The Wedding Connection and they used the same trees I used at my wedding, just a lot fancier. We were responsible for all the candles in the windows, chairs and cushions which was still a ton of work! Weddings are not easy people! Here are some pictures of how everything turned out.

Small and large centerpieces

The cookies were made at a local deli and were delicious! I need to find out where exactly. The couple had these cute pictures of themselves holding up the table numbers. It was such a great idea!

A few more room pics

The cake was gorgeous! I haven't seen such a great looking cake in a really long time. Not like mine. Mine was the leaning tower of cake. This was made by a lady whose company I can't remember in Pleasanton. Totally worth the trip from San Antonio if you can get her! The groom's cake was a laptop with a businessman and a blackberry - so cute!


  1. See there are things worth going to Pleasanton for!

  2. Ahhh I love that cake!! :o) I love not reading your blog for a few days and then getting to read tons of posts for like an hour. Fun, fun!

    How's the WW thing going?


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