Friday, November 14, 2008

Slowly going insane

It's 2 weeks since I turned in my exam and NO WORD! Are you kidding me. My friend that stayed in the program like I should have done found out in a week and a half. There were only 2 exams that needed to be graded. Come on! It can't take this long. Plus, they told us we would know something by Thanksgiving. Earlier this week I thought to myself, well if I don't find out this week, I'll know for sure next week. Then I realized that Thanksgiving is NOT next week. It's in 2 weeks! I could have cried. Although one of my friends that is also waiting not so patiently on her exam results reassured me that there's no way I could fail. Since there were just 2 of us taking the exam, if they failed 1 of us that's a 50% passing rate. Surely in the first year of the program they would not want a 50% passing rate. Plus their raises depend on their passing rates. So I feel slightly better, but not much. It's sad the things we come up with to make ourselves feel better.

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