Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shopping Spree

I've been needing new clothes for awhile, but have been refusing to buy any because I've gone up in size. I've been making half assed attempts in losing the weight, but obviously it's not working. I have been doing my 30 Day Shred and while I still want to die afterwards I've started noticing a difference. I haven't lost any weight, but now my boobs fit into my bridesmaid's dress! (who cares that they're smushed flat and I can barely breathe - it fits!) I'll take inches down and a smaller size any day over lost pounds!

So when I went in to Ann Taylor Loft to buy my super cute flats that matched my bachelorette party shirt perfectly, I browsed all their other super cute stuff. ATL is either hit or miss with me, but unfortunately for my wallet it seems to be more hit than miss. I have a rule that I don't carry any credit cards with me though so if I want something it has to be bad enough for a repeat visit at another date and all their stuff was worth it! Plus when I was buying my shoes I got stuck behind 2 credit applications and these 2 ladies from Mexico that obviously went on their own shopping spree only to get in trouble with their husbands and so they were returning the 50+ items they had bought. So much for a quick in and out! So I'm standing in line and have been told by pretty much every employee that they'll be right with me and the manager is apologizing and asking if all I'm getting are the shoes. I reply, "well, that's really all I had time for today (I'm currently supposed to be AT the bachelorette dinner in 5 minutes and still have to run by my house), but I guess I've been standing here for so long I probably could have grabbed the other things I'm coming back for tomorrow." So he gives me one of their friends and family coupons in response - SCORE! So I got 30% off the already 50% flats I bought. I had a 20% off coupon that I had planned on using for my other purchases, but now I'm holding on to it since I have a 30% off. Oh and they were doing their little cash cards too so I got 2 of those! I made the trip back yesterday and this is what I got:

The bottom two are kind of similar to two that I bought. The pink one is the same cut as one that I bought and that's about as far as it goes. The ivory one I bought has some detailed stitching on the neckline. They were on clearance so they were fabulous deals, but no longer on the website.

Then I had to go online to buy pants. I love you ATL, but do you know how much more I would love you if you carried Tall sizes in your store? Do you? Trust me, it'd be A LOT. Almost comparable to how much I love my dogs, or my new car. It's fine though, because I still got to use my 30% off coupon, I got 3% cash back from Ebates, free shipping and 2 more $25 cards!

I have a TON of black and grey pants and needed some new brown and khaki ones. Plus one of the tops that I can't find online goes perfectly with one of the pairs of pants.

I love new clothes......

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