Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm in Love

I heart craigslist. I love looking at other cities too, because a lot of time San Antonio just has junk. It's like looking at super fancy and expensive houses in cities you only dream of living in (because who wants -40 degrees in the winter?) I've been pondering the idea of making my own desk. I just need more room. I admit, I have a lot of crap. A.lot. It drives my husband crazy! I try to contain my crap to my little areas and he tries to ignore my crap most of the time until it overflows into the general living space for days and sometimes even a whole week at which time he completely loses his shit. This is followed by me wondering where the hell has all my crap gone to because hon - don't you know that it may be a mess, but it is an ORGANIZED mess thank you very much! Back to the topic, I want a new desk. So while perusing craigslist I found this and I am in love.

Now I know it is not totally functional, at least in the way I would like it to be. I'm picturing more of a craft type desk for myself. One with tons of compartments and drawers and containers for all my crap. I also envision lots of shelves on my wall in which I can stack my crap. So this won't work for me, but for some reason I love it.

Plus it comes with this:

How freakin' cute? I saw this and now you may all need to go and get someone to be nearby to resuscitate you when you read this...go on.....I'll wait.....

Ok, all I could think of was how freakin' cute would this be in a baby's room? (Yes, I just said that. This is where you companion now peels you off the floor. Ok. Feel better? Take a drink of water, maybe eat some chocolate, you'll be fine.) This dresser would totally hold a TON of baby crap and OMG, it could also do double duty as a changing table! Seriously! Plus it comes with a mirror! Who doesn't love a mirror!?

***In my defence, I do have 18 friends that have had/will be having babies between December of last year and May of next year. PLUS my SIL also bought a super awesome white dresser and mirror off craigslist for my niece's room. So I kinda got the idea from someone else. No, it cannot be blamed on baby fever or anything like that. You've got a couple more years (in which I could totally keep this awesome dresser in my garage!) before you can expect any little H's runnin' around. Plus I've also sworn to Julie that I will give her like a year's notice before I even think about having a kid. She's gonna LOVE all my late night phone calls, so.....John and I just had unprotected sex and.....***


  1. Jebus Woman...it is not even 7AM yet. I need my coffee before you start dropping bombs like this!!

    By the way, I had that same furniture growing up. It holds a TON of crap...trust me.

  2. Ummm....I warned you. Not my fault you didn't listen.

  3. Oh and check that. The other night at Bunco dinner, another girl announced she had a bun in the oven. Holy crap. Too many babies.


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