Friday, November 28, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hi, I'm Faith and I am a dork

I just got so freakin' excited about this:

I'm going to have to call my dad. I bet I'm gonna make him so proud.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shopping Spree

I've been needing new clothes for awhile, but have been refusing to buy any because I've gone up in size. I've been making half assed attempts in losing the weight, but obviously it's not working. I have been doing my 30 Day Shred and while I still want to die afterwards I've started noticing a difference. I haven't lost any weight, but now my boobs fit into my bridesmaid's dress! (who cares that they're smushed flat and I can barely breathe - it fits!) I'll take inches down and a smaller size any day over lost pounds!

So when I went in to Ann Taylor Loft to buy my super cute flats that matched my bachelorette party shirt perfectly, I browsed all their other super cute stuff. ATL is either hit or miss with me, but unfortunately for my wallet it seems to be more hit than miss. I have a rule that I don't carry any credit cards with me though so if I want something it has to be bad enough for a repeat visit at another date and all their stuff was worth it! Plus when I was buying my shoes I got stuck behind 2 credit applications and these 2 ladies from Mexico that obviously went on their own shopping spree only to get in trouble with their husbands and so they were returning the 50+ items they had bought. So much for a quick in and out! So I'm standing in line and have been told by pretty much every employee that they'll be right with me and the manager is apologizing and asking if all I'm getting are the shoes. I reply, "well, that's really all I had time for today (I'm currently supposed to be AT the bachelorette dinner in 5 minutes and still have to run by my house), but I guess I've been standing here for so long I probably could have grabbed the other things I'm coming back for tomorrow." So he gives me one of their friends and family coupons in response - SCORE! So I got 30% off the already 50% flats I bought. I had a 20% off coupon that I had planned on using for my other purchases, but now I'm holding on to it since I have a 30% off. Oh and they were doing their little cash cards too so I got 2 of those! I made the trip back yesterday and this is what I got:

The bottom two are kind of similar to two that I bought. The pink one is the same cut as one that I bought and that's about as far as it goes. The ivory one I bought has some detailed stitching on the neckline. They were on clearance so they were fabulous deals, but no longer on the website.

Then I had to go online to buy pants. I love you ATL, but do you know how much more I would love you if you carried Tall sizes in your store? Do you? Trust me, it'd be A LOT. Almost comparable to how much I love my dogs, or my new car. It's fine though, because I still got to use my 30% off coupon, I got 3% cash back from Ebates, free shipping and 2 more $25 cards!

I have a TON of black and grey pants and needed some new brown and khaki ones. Plus one of the tops that I can't find online goes perfectly with one of the pairs of pants.

I love new clothes......

Monday, November 24, 2008

Today in Pictures

So I actually have a few months of this that I need to post, but I have to sort through all my pics and get it organized. Since I just took these and know where they are, these are the first up. I also have some updates I need to make on the list, but life just got crazy for awhile. During my comps exam pretty much everything aside from bills got put on hold and I'm still trying to get caught up. One day.

Saturday I got up and headed to St. Edwards University for initiation for my business fraternity.

Saw a sign I love along the way.

Resisted stopping to go shop.

While initiation is always a great time to see people I haven't seen in awhile, we were running behind as usual so I took off a bit early. This was so I could go and see cute little Elizabeth June!

After a too short visit I headed back home and popped it to buy some super cute shoes I had seen the day before.

Then it was off to Pappasito's for the first part of Erin's bachelorette party. Had a drink, some food I hadn't had in awhile and started embarrassing Erin as much as we could.

She got tons of cute things.

Then it was time for the cake and cookies.

Julie and I decorated them the night before.

My big one suffered a bit of an accident on the way there, but it still looked good.

We also found that the people at Sam's didn't know how to spell bachelorette.

Then it was off to meet up with the bus at the hotel.

Our first stop was a surprise for Erin.

Can't really say what went on as what happens at the "bachlorette" party stays at the "bachlorette" party.

We also went to Club Rive and Howl at the Moon. Here's a few other pictures from the night before I finally made it home.

Howl at the Moon made us deflate Lil Eric. It was a very sad moment.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Results

So nothing's wrong with the thyroid. It's just big and I have a bunch on nodules, one which is 2cm big. It's good to hear although the 5 needles in my neck weren't exactly worth it. We're just going to watch it for now. I have more blood work and another sonogram in 6 months.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm a Tia again!

Check out my new, gorgeous, wrinkly little niece Elizabeth June:

My sister-in-law Jennifer went into labor at 7am this morning, woke my lazy brother up an hour later and by 10am they had their brand new baby girl. She weighed in at 8lbs, 8oz and is 21 inches long. And look - she's got hair!

Momma and baby are just fine and will actually get to go home this evening!

Really, I think Hell did freeze over

Hello people! I have a bachelorette party this weekend. Bachelorette's DO NOT look good in sweaters. What's with the cold weather? (yeah, it's like 50, but that's freezing for me!) Tomorrow's high is 63. 63! How am I supposed to wear my super cute open toed shoes and my new purple strapless top that has been sitting in my closet for months waiting to be worn when it's going to be 50 degrees outside? That party bus driver is going to get an extra big tip for driving me block to block as we go club hopping. Maybe tonight I'll bake him a cookie that looks like a vajayjay instead of a penis like everyone else is getting. Think he'll like that?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Guess who is going to get her Master of Education in Adult Learning and Teaching this December?


No more school for me EVER again.!

Biopsy = Not Fun

I had my thyroid biopsy today. Now I'm not a big fan a needles in any way. They used to be no big deal, but sometime in the past 5 years or so they've become one. I can't even give blood anymore. Plus the fact that every time I try to give blood I stop bleeding. It's very sad.

So I go in and the Dr. asks if I want numbing medication. Is the Pope Catholic lady? You bet I do! By agreeing to this I've also added another needle to the procedure. Yay! At least this one is full of sweet, sweet drugs. Well the ultrasound guy finds my nodule which is now just over 2 cm and the Dr. injects me with the numbing meds. Then she grabs needle #1 and shoves it into what feels like my throat. Ok, THAT hurt like a bitch. Are you sure you just injected me with numbing medication? Because I felt ALL of that and it hurt. I thought I wouldn't feel it. That's why I agreed to that other needle. What? Am I ready for the next one? NO! but it's not like it's going to change your mind about shoving another needle into my throat now is it? OK! Wow! Those meds are NOT working! What's that? Am I doing all right? As fine as someone that's just had 3 needles shoved into their neck can be. That's about how I'm doing right now. What? It's right at the surface? Um, yeah. I'd hate for it to be any deeper. Oh, it probably hurts more because it's at the surface and surrounded by nerves? Fan-freaking-tastic! How about some more of those numbing meds? Really. I don't mind if I can't feel my entire neck. REALLY. Wow. Needle #3 barely hurt. How about we do #4 in the same spot? Um, hey! That is NOT the same spot that you're shoving that needle into! It's a totally different spot and Oh.My.God!!!

Yeah, now that needle hell is over the Dr. proceeds to tells me that I have a small hematoma and I need to watch it. It's REALLY rare, but sometimes, people get these giant grapefruit type things on their neck and I really need to watch for that. Because apparently I wouldn't notice a grapefruit forming on my neck. Oh and if I have trouble breathing or swallowing I need to go to the ER. Yay! Fun! She also tells me, you also have a bit of an Adam's Apple, just put some ice on it and it will be fine. Gee. I'm so glad I don't also have man hands because people could start to get confused.

So now I'm sitting at my desk wishing I had just gone home, dreaming about Chinese food, with an instant icepack on my neck, a giant bottle of Tylenol, and my coworker coming in to say, Wow. I can see all the needle marks! I should have my results back in 3-4 days. Which is probably sooner than I will hear back about my comps. Just one more thing to drive my crazy!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Taken from:

The Huffington Post
Geoffrey R. Stone
Democracy, Religion and Proposition 8

How can a free society reconcile the often competing values of democracy, religious liberty and the separation of church and state? This challenge was vividly illustrated by the recent controversy over California's Proposition 8, which forbade same-sex marriage.

In a democracy, the majority of citizens ordinarily may enact whatever laws they want. Some laws, however, are prohibited by the Constitution. For example, the majority of citizens may want a law denying African-Americans the right to vote or prohibiting Muslims from attending public schools, but such laws violate the Constitution.

Does Proposition 8 violate the Constitution? There are several arguments one might make for this position. One might argue that Proposition 8 discriminates against gays and lesbians in violation of the Equal Protection Clause. One might argue that Proposition 8 unconstitutionally limits the fundamental right to marry. One might argue that Proposition 8 violates the separation of church and state. It is this last argument that interests me.

Laws that violate the separation of church and state usually take one of two forms. Either they discriminate against certain religions ("Jews may not serve as jurors"), or they endorse particular religions ("school children must recite the Lord's Prayer"). Proposition 8 does not violate the principle of separation of church and state in either of these ways. It neither restricts religious freedom nor endorses religious expression.

What it does do, however, is to enact into law a particular religious belief. Indeed, despite invocations of tradition, morality and family values, it seems clear that the only honest explanation for Proposition 8 is religion. This is obvious not only from the extraordinary efforts undertaken by some religious groups to promote Proposition 8, but also from the very striking voting patterns revealed in the exit polls.

Proposition 8 was enacted by a vote of 52% to 48%. Those identifying themselves as Evangelicals, however, supported Proposition 8 by a margin of 81% to 19%, and those who say they attend church services weekly supported Proposition 8 by a vote of 84% to 16%. Non-Christians, by the way, opposed Proposition 8 by a margin 85% to 15% and those who do not attend church regularly opposed Proposition 8 by a vote of 83% to 17%.

What this tells us, quite strikingly, is that Proposition 8 was a highly successful effort of a particular religious group to conscript the power of the state to impose their religious beliefs on their fellow citizens, whether or not those citizens share those beliefs. This is a serious threat to a free society committed to the principle of separation of church and state.

The Framers of the American Constitution knew that throughout human history religious self-righteousness has caused intolerance, discrimination and injustice. They understood that religious self-righteousness is dangerous, divisive and destructive, and that it has led to untold ignorance and misery. It was for that reason that they embedded in our Constitution a fundamental commitment to the separation of church and state.

The Framers were not anti-religion. They understood that religion could help to nurture the public morality necessary to a self-governing society. But religion was to be fundamentally private. It was for the individual. It was not to intrude unduly into the political sphere.But here's the rub: From a strictly legal perspective, it is next to impossible for courts to enforce the separation of church and state in the context of laws like Proposition 8. When a law does not directly restrict religious activity or expressly endorse religious expression, it is exceedingly difficult for courts to sort out the "real" motivations behind the law. As a consequence, courts are loath to invalidate laws on the ground that they enact a particular religious faith.

This does not end the inquiry, however. Courts also have difficulty in dealing with laws that do not expressly discriminate on the basis of race or religion or gender, but that were motivated by racial, religious or gender prejudice. But we know - as an essential part of our national character - that we as citizens should not support laws because they advance our discriminatory biases about race, religion, and gender. We know that it is un-American for us to enact laws because they implement our prejudices. We know that it is our responsibility to be tolerant, self-critical and introspective about our own values and beliefs and to strive to achieve our highest national aspirations.

The separation of church and state is one of those aspirations. Indeed, regardless of whether courts can intervene in this context, it is as un-American to violate the separation of church and state by using the power of the state to impose our religious beliefs on others as it is to use the power of the state to impose our discriminatory views of race, religion or gender on others.
This is the fundamental point that the religious advocates of Proposition 8 fail to comprehend. Like other citizens, they are free in our society to support laws because they believe those laws serve legitimate ends, including such values as tradition, general conceptions of morality, and family stability. But they are not free - not if they are to act as faithful American citizens - to impose their religious views on others. That is, quite simply, un-American.

This is not to say that individuals cannot attempt to persuade others freely to embrace and to act in accord with their religious beliefs. The First Amendment gives us virtually absolute protection to preach, proselytize and evangelize. But the fundamental point about religious liberty in the United States is that it is private. Christian Evangelicals have every right to try to persuade others to accept and abide by their beliefs. But they have no right - indeed, they violate the very spirit of the American Constitution - when they attempt to conscript the authority of the state to compel those who do not share their religious beliefs to act as if they do.

The White Wedding

I worked a wedding last weekend - as a planner, not a minister. It was at the International Center downtown and it turned out gorgeous! The decor was done by The Wedding Connection and they used the same trees I used at my wedding, just a lot fancier. We were responsible for all the candles in the windows, chairs and cushions which was still a ton of work! Weddings are not easy people! Here are some pictures of how everything turned out.

Small and large centerpieces

The cookies were made at a local deli and were delicious! I need to find out where exactly. The couple had these cute pictures of themselves holding up the table numbers. It was such a great idea!

A few more room pics

The cake was gorgeous! I haven't seen such a great looking cake in a really long time. Not like mine. Mine was the leaning tower of cake. This was made by a lady whose company I can't remember in Pleasanton. Totally worth the trip from San Antonio if you can get her! The groom's cake was a laptop with a businessman and a blackberry - so cute!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Holiday Ornaments

The ladies on the Decorating and Renovating board on The Nest got together for an ornament exchange. These are the one's I just got. I love them! It'll be so nice to have something new on our tree!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Slowly going insane

It's 2 weeks since I turned in my exam and NO WORD! Are you kidding me. My friend that stayed in the program like I should have done found out in a week and a half. There were only 2 exams that needed to be graded. Come on! It can't take this long. Plus, they told us we would know something by Thanksgiving. Earlier this week I thought to myself, well if I don't find out this week, I'll know for sure next week. Then I realized that Thanksgiving is NOT next week. It's in 2 weeks! I could have cried. Although one of my friends that is also waiting not so patiently on her exam results reassured me that there's no way I could fail. Since there were just 2 of us taking the exam, if they failed 1 of us that's a 50% passing rate. Surely in the first year of the program they would not want a 50% passing rate. Plus their raises depend on their passing rates. So I feel slightly better, but not much. It's sad the things we come up with to make ourselves feel better.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm in Love

I heart craigslist. I love looking at other cities too, because a lot of time San Antonio just has junk. It's like looking at super fancy and expensive houses in cities you only dream of living in (because who wants -40 degrees in the winter?) I've been pondering the idea of making my own desk. I just need more room. I admit, I have a lot of crap. A.lot. It drives my husband crazy! I try to contain my crap to my little areas and he tries to ignore my crap most of the time until it overflows into the general living space for days and sometimes even a whole week at which time he completely loses his shit. This is followed by me wondering where the hell has all my crap gone to because hon - don't you know that it may be a mess, but it is an ORGANIZED mess thank you very much! Back to the topic, I want a new desk. So while perusing craigslist I found this and I am in love.

Now I know it is not totally functional, at least in the way I would like it to be. I'm picturing more of a craft type desk for myself. One with tons of compartments and drawers and containers for all my crap. I also envision lots of shelves on my wall in which I can stack my crap. So this won't work for me, but for some reason I love it.

Plus it comes with this:

How freakin' cute? I saw this and now you may all need to go and get someone to be nearby to resuscitate you when you read this...go on.....I'll wait.....

Ok, all I could think of was how freakin' cute would this be in a baby's room? (Yes, I just said that. This is where you companion now peels you off the floor. Ok. Feel better? Take a drink of water, maybe eat some chocolate, you'll be fine.) This dresser would totally hold a TON of baby crap and OMG, it could also do double duty as a changing table! Seriously! Plus it comes with a mirror! Who doesn't love a mirror!?

***In my defence, I do have 18 friends that have had/will be having babies between December of last year and May of next year. PLUS my SIL also bought a super awesome white dresser and mirror off craigslist for my niece's room. So I kinda got the idea from someone else. No, it cannot be blamed on baby fever or anything like that. You've got a couple more years (in which I could totally keep this awesome dresser in my garage!) before you can expect any little H's runnin' around. Plus I've also sworn to Julie that I will give her like a year's notice before I even think about having a kid. She's gonna LOVE all my late night phone calls, so.....John and I just had unprotected sex and.....***

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sound Off

I think it's so sad that Prop 8 passed in California. It's a horrible violation of civil rights similar to what our country has done to other minority populations over the generations. There is a thing called separation of church and state for a reason and that is how we have governed our country for years. There is a reason that marriages are only valid by obtaining a license. It is something that is recognized by the state. Religion is what gives us the definition of marriage being between a man and a woman. There is no law that says a union has to be a religious ceremony. This is why the law gives several options about who can perform a marriage ceremony. I also do not believe states should make the decision alone on the definition of marriage . It should be a decision that comes down from the federal level just as the right to vote, the abolition of slavery and other civil rights issues have finally been put to rest and made right.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ready? Set. GO!

So A LOT to catch up on.

Last Monday we celebrated John's bday at the Saucer. I surprised him by wearing the Peyton Manning jersey I got him.

The cake was finally finished as well and turned into a super awesome Spider Man cake.

The show aired for the first time the next day as well. I've kept many, many comments to myself, and so I'll let Donnie Brown express a smidge of what I would say in this article in the Express News. And yes, despite what Donnie says, at least the meat cake was good.

Then that week we carved pumpkins. John was sweet enough to do most the work on them so I just had to come home, cut stuff out and get back to work on my exam.

John even drew his freehand. They turned out great didn't they?

Friday was the Halloween party. Like my eyeball cupcakes?

We had a great time celebrating with everyone.

No one got my costume, but that's fine. I thought it ROCKED and look, even Reese thinks it's funny!

Had a TON of trick or treaters all at once and then we were done.
We basically sat around all night and watched old Simpson's episodes.

What else?

Here are a few pictures from Lauren and Jack's wedding in Lubbock a few weeks ago. Love you guys, but I don't think I'll ever spend 14 hours in a car just for you again.

I also got my paper turned in. It was down to the wire, but at least I got it done. I'll know by Thanksgiving whether or not I passed. I haven't looked back at the paper and won't. There's no point in stressing out over changes that could have or should have been made. We'll just see!

This weekend was also Emily's lingerie shower.
The bride to be and a bunch of toilet paper brides.

My creation was the first one and Emily voted it Sexiest Dress.

The granny panties I also wrapped up with my gift were a huge hit!

I also got to hang with Virg and Jackie this weekend.

Virg and I also headed on down to Wurstfest, which is a MUST do next year!

OH! and just for John I learned to back in my new car!

I also go to see the fam this weekend. Here's my nephew Ben playing with his momma's hat.

Monday I got to say goodbye to Steph at the Saucer. I'm also including a few pics from her bday since I never got around to posting those either...

Last night I also decided to try out the 30 Day Shred. I've heard lots of great reviews about it and decided to give it a shot. OMG! This thing kicks your ass! I'm so freaking tired and sore today. I could barely make it up or down the stairs at work thanks to all those lunges. We'll see how long I can keep it up.

Finally my choice of candidate was elected last night. I'm very excited about this and think it's definitely time for change within our nation.

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