Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Writer's Block

I've got it and I've got it bad.

I have one question on my exam that I have barely touched. Yeah, there's a bunch of jumbled information pulled from various sources. All color coded to remind me where they came from and that I need to change them up and reverify previous sources. I have no thesis. I can't even come up with one. I look at the question and read and then reread it and still have no idea where to start. The only thing I've been able to do is move around the jumbled mess into the three categories the question looks at. It's a start. But still a mess.

We're not even going to get in to what still needs to be done to the other 2 questions.

I know everyone keeps saying I'll be fine. That I'll get it done. I always get it done. I'm actually afraid this time it's not going to happen. I mean yeah, I'll have a jumbled mess that I can turn in and it will get turned in, jumbled mess and all, but it doesn't mean that this jumbled mess is going to be what they're looking for. I'm actually afraid this time my work just isn't going to cut it.

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