Friday, October 17, 2008

Stickin' it to the bill company

John's car loan company has been a pain in the rear lately. I don't know why. They're a big company. They're even one of the few banks that aren't going under right now. Yet for some reason for the past 3 months I've had my payments returned and it's always been an unexplainable issue on their end. Once I paid online. Once I paid over the phone with an actual person and another time it was just through their pay by phone option. I had to use the phone option because for some sudden and unknown reason the online bill pay says it will no longer accept online payments for my account. Ummmm....hello? You've been taking them for the past 2 years!

Plus their online sign in is soooo screwy. I forgot my password once and their solution is just to reregister. Ever since then I've had to reregister to log in to my account. Every.Time. Seriously!? I sent a complaint via email about the log in problems last month - wanna know what they said? Please reregister!

So today I log in to try to pay my bill online and get the same crap we can't take online payments for your account. I call to ask what's up with this (as the red error message instructed me to do) and after waiting on hold for what felt like a century I get a person with an accent so thick I can barely understand him.

Now, I am an EXTREMELY patient person. I will talk a TON of smack post whatever happened, but in the moment, I am the calmest person you will ever find. Plus after years of working in the service industry I know what it's like to be yelled at for something that's out of your control and is not even your fault. I am always very kind to these people because I know what it's like to be on the receiving end of a pissed off person and have to go to a crap job like that everyday. I freaking lost my shit with this guy.

It all started off very well. I gave my 8 different identity verifications, I explained my problem and that this had been going on for a few months. He said the system was currently being updated. I said, well were you also doing updates last month? Because last month I also got the same error message and your site doesn't say that it's down for maintenance. His response - well ma'am you will need to go back online and reregister your account.

*Faith's head explodes*

Then he tries to explain that my username needs to be at least 6 characters and my password needs to be at least 6 characters starting with a capital letter and ending in a number. At which point I tell him that my account is set up EXACTLY like that and it's still not working.

The rest of the conversation involved me calmly yelling at this poor man that their online system is a complete piece of garbage and I would really appreciate speaking to someone that could give me some other solution than reregistering every freaking time I log on to their system only to have my payment returned the very next day for a reason that not a single person at their company has been able to explain and him telling me that my online sign in must be at least 6 characters long and my password should be 6 characters starting with a capital letter and ending in a number and me wishing it could be possible to reach through the phone and grab someone by the neck and bash their head into their desk so I politely thanked him for not being the least bit helpful and promptly hung up.

Then I signed on to my online banking profile that is not in any way associated with this piece of crap bank and signed up for their free online bill pay so I could prove to these stupid mother f*ckers that one way or another I am going to pay my car payment online like a normal person that doesn't have to reregister their account every freaking time.

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  1. I totally feel your pain... and I work in a place like that!!


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