Saturday, October 11, 2008

Must Pass in Order to Graduate

Friday afternoon I picked up my Comprehensive Exam for grad school. It's a take home essay exam. I have 6 questions to choose from and I have to choose 3. I have to have a minimum of 5 single spaced pages per question with at minimum of 5 references for each. I am terrified. I had HORRIBLE professors for my core classes which my exam questions cover. Each one of them was thrown into their teaching position 2 weeks before classes started. They were handed a book and a syllabus. I take that back. One professor didn't get his book for 3 weeks and then he decided the book was useless and we didn't use it. Of course I had already bought the useless book. After this first awful semester they decided they weren't going to offer my program anymore. Did they tell us this though? No. So we went to register for courses only to find there were none to sign up for. So they created another program and moved us in to that one. Only the classes weren't quite ready yet and I ended up in classes that were similar to the classes in my old program. For instance, my Adult Development class was no more so I took a Development Across the Ages class instead. Did we cover Adults? Nope. Not even close, yet I have an Adult Development question on my exam. So I have a question covering a topic I never studied, only one question jumped out at me, 2 I had no clue what they were talking about, leaving the other 2 that I will somehow research and try to come up with 5 pages worth of information. Wish me luck and I apologize if I bite your head off sometime in the next 3 weeks while I work on my exam.

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