Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I think I actually saw a pig fly

I'm pretty sure I was born with a black thumb. My first plant was for my office and I really believe that it succumbed to the sub zero temperatures at which facilities likes to keep my office. The only plants I have ever kept alive were a jade plant (it lasted about a year) and a little pink flower plant. Both were given to me by my sister in law Kristie. The jade she left at her desk when I took over her position. It was somehow overwatered (which is apparently the ONLY way those suckers can die) and met it's death. The pink flower plant she gave to me, our fried Laura and our other sister Denise. I'm not sure how long Denise's lasted, but Laura and I turned keeping the plant alive into a competition. We would even send pictures to one another to show how our plants were flourishing.

So yesterday outside of HEB they had tons and tons of mums. I just couldn't resist and at only $5.99 I had to buy a big pot of them. So here it is - the 2nd plant I have ever bought for myself.
Let's just hope I can keep it alive. Although you all may need to place some virtual bets out there to help me and the plant out.

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  1. Good luck! I won't send you any green thumb, dust, though, because I have killed rosemary and a cactus - two of the hardiest plants there are. (I'm guilty of overwatering too!)


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