Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Big Pad of Stress Fat

That's what I have on my upper back at the base of my neck.

It all started on Monday. I was in the restroom at work and just happened to glance in the mirror and got a view of my profile. I had this hump on my back. I know a lot of people have a little hump there at the bottom of their neck, but they're usually a bit older than 26. I asked my coworkers, I asked John everyone agreed it looked a little bit strange. I just assumed it was swollen, maybe I had slept REALLY funny, who knows, but I decided I would wait a few days before going to the Dr. to see what was up.

This morning I got up and the hump was still there. I showed it off to a few other coworkers and everyone thought it was kind of weird. Then sometime this afternoon I was pressing on it to see if it was painful at all and something popped. I freaked! I called my coworker into my office and she looked at it, said it pretty much looked the same, but I should go to the Dr. I called and had an appointment in 45 minutes.

Now lets go back to February. At my annual exam my Dr. said I had a large thyroid and asked if anyone had ever told me that. Nope. Blood work and everything came back just fine. I was sick a month or so ago and the Dr. noticed the large thyroid again and decided to order a sonogram. Well I hadn't heard back - it had been 2 weeks - and just happened to call this morning to see if they had the results. They did and said it was large and I needed to go see a endocrinologist. Made the appointment for the 7th of next month.

Back to present time. I'm at the Dr. trying to explain the hump that has appeared overnight on my back. She's telling me I do have a fat pad there, but that's normal (I hear my mom telling me, I told you so). I tell her, "not when it just appears overnight it's not!" She continues with her exam and starts feeling up my thyroid. After what seems like a full minute I tell her, "yes, it's enlarged" and go into the whole sonogram/endocrinologist story. She pulls up my sonogram results and explains that I have a goiter (I told you my online self diagnosis was right mom!) as well as several little nodules all over my thyroid. She said that the goiter is large enough that they may do a biopsy when I go to the endocrinologist.

As for the back hump, she explains that she would normally do a bunch of tests and blood work, but since I'm going to the endo it would be a little redundant. Her best explanation of my new hump would be that because my thyroid is acting all crazy, my hormones are out of whack. Because of that and my current stress level - thanks to the must pass in order to graduate exam - my body overproduced cortisol and it manifested itself as a big pad of fat on my back. Why it decided to go there and not my ass like all other fat on my body I'll have to ask the endo.

Why is life so unfair!?

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