Friday, October 24, 2008

At Home Today

I took to day off to hopefully spend today and the next two days finishing my comps exam. Wish me luck! The first part of the morning was spent doing some additional research. There is this one theory in one of my questions that I just cannot find information on. I haven't even heard of the guy's name before! I've found book reviews of his book, a few articles that he's written, but nothing that really goes into his whole theory. Well today my expert research skills pulled up a book that I used in my classes, only it was the newest edition. As in my book was from 1999 (not old compared to the one I used from 1989 or some of the theories that were developed in the 60s and 70s), I took the class in 2006 and so of COURSE I never had the book because it didn't even exist yet! Can you find this book in our library. Nope. Thankfully a Barnes and Noble across town has a copy for $55 that I'm going to go and buy. Yeah. $55 for one little theory. You can bet this book is getting returned when I'm done with it.

I did not have luck finding the book that covered situated learning that the library DOES have, but someone checked out. NO OTHER library in the city has it either (yes, I looked into paying $35 to get a research pass from the other libraries) and I can't wait 2 weeks for the stinkin' book to get in. Maybe I'll luck out and they'll return it in the next few days (it's checked out until the 22nd of December so I'm kind of dreaming on this one) otherwise I'm just going to have to wing it.

Oh and on a random note. I have a brisket in the crock pot right now, yet about 2 hours ago I kept wondering why the house smelled like hot dogs. Weird. I know.

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