Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I was fooled!

Passing through Target the other day I came across the Archer Farms Yogurt. I don't think I've had an Archer Farms product that I haven't liked before, and they had 2 flavors that sounded interesting - pumpkin pie and apple cider. Now since I'm in love with a season called Fall that we never ever experience in the great state of Texas I decided to buy them and as an added bonus they were labeled as Low Fat. I packed the apple cider one in my lunch yesterday, but didn't get around to eating it so I just had it as my morning snack. I'm trying to climb back on the WW wagon and like a good dieter went to enter my points for the yogurt - 4 points! 4! I couldn't believe it! Usually yogurt is 2! That little container has 190 calories! Yikes! It wasn't even THAT good. 4 points for a snack! If I had known I would have had something a little more worthwhile than yogurt. I feel gypped.

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