Monday, September 15, 2008

Houston People Update

So being from Houston I still have a lot of friends and family there. In fact, while John and I were in Fredericksburg what I thought would just be my cousin Sherry, her husband LJ and their 2 kids turned out to be 10 people staying at my house Friday night. Thankfully, their biggest problem was one of their cars breaking down on their way here. They live kind of south of Katy and didn't have much damage. Their power was still on and so they decided to just head back on Saturday. I'm glad they didn't experience anything bad and that I didn't have to stay Saturday night with 10 extra guests and another dog in my house. It was great to be able to offer them up a place to stay, but I also didn't get a chance to see them. Maybe next time guys!

As for my brother Josh, he's doing fine. He's hanging out at his GF's house. They still don't have power though. The Discount Tire he worked at had the roof blown off and the store is an absolute wreck. What's really funny is that the power has been restored to the busted up store. Josh Jr and Kristin are also doing fine and trying to make due with no power as well.

Sarah Scott spent the storm in Humble with family and is now in Katy where they have power.

Jackie is at home. They don't have power either, but luckily still have running water.

I just remember, that I once again forgot to check on my other brother Jason. I'm sure my mom would have let me know if something was up with him though.

It's so strange seeing and hearing about a place that you once lived going through this. It was no Katrina thankfully, but it's still a little surreal. I couldn't fathom not having power for several day (we all know how I get when I have no AC). In fact, being in San Antonio where we may have heat, humidity, horrible allergens in the air we aren't affected by hurricanes and other weather things. John and I almost booked a Louisiana casino trip because we just weren't thinking about the hurricane since it wasn't going to affect us. (Yeah, and I just wrote a grant at work for Emergency Preparedness...) It's just a little weird. I'm just happy that everyone is ok and doing well, and hopefully things can get back to normal for them soon.

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