Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Chicago, Day 1 - 2 (since it is the second trip this year!)

Though this has NOTHING to do with Chicago I did get my hair cut and I'm loving it!

John also wanted his picture taken so here he is:

Got up at 4:30 in the morning to go to the airport. The dogs thought I had lost my mind.

Got to Chicago with nothing crazy happening. Although on the airport shuttle some guy actually managed to fall asleep and snored the whole trip.

Rested up a bit and then went and had a bite to eat at the Corner Bakery.

Then it was time to go SHOPPING! I hit up my Chicago mecca known as H&M and found these lovely tops:

I also finally got my very own Medium Brown Bag and a pair of super long jeans (which is something I often don't find/can't afford)

Then I came back and rested some more (I walked all the way from Wacker to the lake.)

Met up some coworkers for dinner. Had to take charge since men don't know how to ask for directions. Ended up at Billy Goat Tavern

had several a few beers

and then one of them wanted to walk to this bar he knew of from 15 years ago. ANOTHER long trip and we got there.

This place also had the smallest bathroom on the planet. Think airplane bathroom with two stalls. Not kidding, the doors hit my knees.

(The first is me sitting on the sink looking at the entry door, the second is from the door looking towards the sink.)

We had one drink there (yes! Just ONE!) and decided to find another place. Only we couldn't find one and ended up walking all the way back to the hotel.

Now I'm about to soak my feet for a bit and then pass out. Tomorrow is Oprah and Michael Freaking Phelps. *crosses fingers*

*Note: I may not get to update very much. Stinkin' internet costs a fortune at the hotel and I'm too lazy to walk to Starbucks to get my free 2 hours. I'll have to see what I can manage!

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