Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Carpal Instability Non Dissociative

or CIND, that's what is wrong with my wrist. For the "medical definition" go here otherwise it means my ligaments and too long causing my wrist to clunk. OR even easier than that I'm too damn flexible which causes my wrist to be unstable and for me to be in pain. It's just nice to know what the heck is wrong with me after 3 years. So I got a shot of I don't know what in my wrist (I asked, like a cortisone and he said yeah, like that) it hurt like hell, but probably because sometime in the last few years I've become a total wimp with needles. We're talking I can feel everything from when they pricked me to the injection flowing into my body. Then I got and get all hot, want to throw up and pass out all at once. It's FUN! The shot has made my wrist hurt which is what the lovely little pain pills I was prescribed are for. To keep it from hurting I have this FABULOUS wrist splint:

Notice that I can't even pull a long sleeved shirt over it? It's also fleshed toned and I have a sock that I get to wear under it. How fun! I'll be in this lovely piece of plastic for the next two weeks. Basically I get to take it off to shower and stick it back on.

Hopefully this is worth it. I'm so sick of my wrist hurting.

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