Monday, September 22, 2008

The Boudoir Pics

So, I FINALLY got around to making myself not look like Orange Glow Faith after the crap photoshop job the photographer did on my pictures and making a book on Blurb to give to John. You know, I only took those pictures in January when I was 15 pounds thinner and had long hair, but whatever. Needless to say John loved them and my favorite quote was, "my guitar never looked so good." Then he did the stupid thing and asked who he could show them to and when I asked who he would want to show them to he realized the stupidity of his question and replied with the name of his sister (who may have seen them actually. I can't remember). I also gave him the CD of all the images so I'm sure he'll have many happy hours at his computer. Then last night Riley was crawling under the bed and I heard a bag crinkling. I realized that I've also had all the prints in a plastic HEB bag under my bed since February. So I give them to him and he shoves them in his closet "so they don't get ruined." Then I realize that I have a black photo album that I can put them in that will offer more protection than his closet. I finish my project and holler that his album is done. He comes in and sits on the bed and starts going through them and the following conversation occurs:
Me: So which is your favorite?
J: *Blank stare*
J: I love them all!
Me: Really? There's no favorite? *thinks to self, I had a favorite within like 5 seconds of seeing them as did all my friends that saw them. You.Are.SUCH.A.Guy!*
J: It's like having to choose which one of your children you want killed first. There's just no answer for it.
Me: *blank stare*


  1. I guess I'm not your friend, because I never go to see them!

  2. and yes, Im whining. I know how much you looove that, haha!

  3. Hey if you want to check out scantily clad pictures of me let me know. I'm sure John would also love to show someone!


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