Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Zoo

I love the zoo. I hadn't been in forever and thought it would be the perfect Sunday outing with Jake and my FIL. Except it was August and something like 100 degrees outside. We still had fun though and Matt and fam decided to join us as well.

John and his dad and me and Jake
Cute little monkey

A whole lotta monkeys
I love how the girls are all posed and Jake is trying to beat up the Kimono Dragon.
We met Toucan Sam and a poor pelican with one wing.
The giraffe and zebra had no interest in us at all

I mean, who wouldn't want to check us out?

The Rhino just looked hot
In fact all the animals just hung around and tried to stay cool
We missed the elephant somehow (one of my favorites to get to see) but I did get to see the baby kangaroo!

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