Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some New Randomness

I've been very lazy about updating lately.

Mainly because I haven't had a second of spare time in the past several weeks and it's only going to get worse.

I've been dealing with mom being in the hospital for 3 weeks and having 2 surgeries instead of the 1 with the 2 day max stay that was originally expected. She's getting busted out today though and is really happy. Otherwise I'm sure the Temple news stations would have been all over the lady bustin' out of the skilled nursing facility headed down the road with her walker. It'd probably give them something to talk about now that the Olympics are over.

John and I decided to be terribly domestic and bought a fridge for our anniversary. He then tried to install a line from our water faucet to the fridge so the water and ice maker would work. Everyone and even the internet assured us that this was extremely simple. You may all now contribute to the $185.95 I just paid a plumber to come out and fix the swimming pool that was my kitchen. No checks please. Just cold hard cash.

The garage sale was a huge success. In all we sold almost $300 worth of crap. I told you someone would buy a broken lawnmower! It was the first thing to go in fact. I also got some crazy lady that wanted to give me $12 for 10 pairs of shoes to give me $30 for them. "Why?" she kept asking me when I told her the price. "Because that's what I'm offering you. That's why." I don't even think half the shoes will fit her nor will the little clubbing top that I bought freshman year of college and never wore. If she's lucky she might get it over her left boob.

We saw Pineapple Express on Friday. Most hilarious thing I have seen all year. I freaking laughed my ass off - which is good, because lately I've got plenty of extra ass to spare.

On the going back to WW. I went off for 2 weeks and had a food fest and gained 2 lbs. Not bad, but then I continued on the food fest for another week and lost 1.5, go figure. I'm still down 4.5 overall though. We'll see what my scale says tomorrow morning though. Especially since all I want for lunch is a cheese enchilada, rice and a chicken taco known as the Lady's Special at Pico de Gallo. I guess ladies shouldn't have gas and that's why there are no beans on this plate. That's fine, I don't eat them anyways.

This morning as I drove down Hausman on my way to work I saw a man that would walk and then run down the road. This continued all the way down (there was a lot of traffic so I was keeping up with him) He was dressed very nice in a button down shirt and tie and slacks. We get to the end and he runs into the Land Rover dealership to go to work. Wow. I don't think I've ever seen a car salesman walk anywhere. Wanna talk about irony. Guess the Land Rover sales business isn't doing so hot right now.

Here are the promised pictures of my living room updates and our new fridge.

New TV stand and curtains (get to cross those off the list!)

I also got to replace the side table and lamp and added a storage ottoman.

And finally the new fridge.

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