Sunday, August 10, 2008

Last Weekend

Last weekend was quite crazy. FIL was in town, my nephew was in town, it was Molly's wedding, plus all the usual weekend stuff one has to get done. (Frankly I rather have this hella busy weekend back than the puppy hell I've been in).

Here are the highlights from the wedding:

The details:

The wedding cake and the infamous Meat Cake

The gorgeous wedding bouquet that never was, but later made a lovely centerpiece:

Ceremony site

Some happy couples:

The Happy Couple:

The First Kiss:

Yeah, I put out the Pimp Cups:

Erin got to meet her wedding planner wet dream:

Me and the bride:

The usual stuff that happens at weddings:

Phillip obviously couldn't wait until the honey moon and got a little excited taking off the garter.

The couple's first dance:

You should have seen John and K's face when this song came on. They immediately ran to the dance floor and started stripping:

Then they both rubbed their nipples. I'll spare you the actual visual of that one though.

It was a long and fun night. The show was taped for Whose Wedding is it Anyway and will air in October on the Style Network. Watch and look for me, I may or may not make the show. I can't call it my TV debut though. I was also on 6 episodes of Texas Justice. Oh yeah....

There's more I'm going to add to this, but I'm too lazy now. Plus John is kicking me out of the living room so he can play his new video game. We're totally redoing our living room this weekend. Pictures of that to come too!


  1. Were you really on Texas Justice 6 times? Or are you just that damn clever? If not, it definitely made Phil and me laugh a riot!

  2. Yes! I was in the audience and made a whopping $40. I also got interviewed after one of the cases.


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